Thursday, March 12, 2009


Yesterday, given a hint of the chaos that will visit this city next February, I wrote in this space that I think I'll go to Melbourne during the Olympics.

But I really had no idea just how disruptive and destructive this little party would be.

Nor, it turns out did any of the many rah-rah-rah businesses that will suffer hugely. When the Downtown Business Association - perennially the biggest civic cheerleaders about almost anything - are kvetching, you know you've got trouble right here in River City.

VANOC is now apparently the highest form of government in the land, unelected though it may be. VANOC can close streets, re-route traffic hire or buy buses by the freight load and do just about any darn thing it wants to in order to make its famous Games work.

VANOC vice-president Terry Wright said yesterday that while the message will be "There's no room for the car," it will also be "There is room for you - on transit."

Really, Terry?

Which transit system is that exactly?

Portland? London?

Because the transit system that I know right here in Vancouver is and has been for a long time an unholy mess of insufficiencies.

Anyone remember the Cambie Merchants and how they have been screwed by the Cambie Line construction, not once, but ten times over?

Well, folks, you're going to see it all over again. On Robson and Granville and Hastings and West Broadway to name just a few choice locations where businesses will suffer mightily for the 17 days of wonder and awe.

And will any of those businesses receive compensation for Gord's Interruption?

Hahahaha...take another pill.

And were any of those businesses, most of whom proudly wore their "I'm backing the Games" buttons and banners and bows, told that they would be asked for this personal pocketbook sacrifice so Gord can have an emotional moment or two? Doubt.

Then, for those of you deranged enough to brave the Sea-to-Sky so-called highway, be prepared for the stop and security check. Be prepared to prove that you are not The Mad Bomber, that you have been a tax-paying church-going nose-cleaning citizen of the province for several decades.

Several commenters on yesterdays blog item asked if they could join me on my escape to Melbourne.

I think we should charter a plane and make a whole Vancouver Escapes thing out of it.

Maybe we can get a Canada Council grant or a government bail-out.

Denial on a Cheesy Scale

Patrick Kinsella is the provincial Liberal War Horse. He raises the money, he gets out the troops and he gets Gord elected.


Now, the NDP opposition would like to know why Kinsella's company was awarded $300,000 in contracts from BC Rail, exactly at the time that Gord was selling the company off.

In an almost biblical scene, The Opaque One was asked this question in the House yesterday and 12 times he declined to answer. 12.

Gord? He let Wally hang in the wind.

Dear NDP Opposition and Dear Journalists,

Keep asking.

America, The Beautiful