Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Grab and Grope Politics

New homes will cost more.

So will bicycles, haircuts and meals in restaurants.

Tourists will be no doubt delighted when their dinner bill arrives with a mysterious extra 12%.

Maybe they'll just mistake it for an automatic gratuity.

But never fear.

Colin is here.

That would be Colin Hansen, your ever optimistic provincial Finance Minister.

Now, HEEEEERE'S Colin!

“Eliminating the PST and replacing it with the HST will make B.C. more competitive, it will stimulate the economy and it will result in more jobs in every region of the province.”


At the Special Presentation Skills workshops that government employees must attend every week, they are coached on how to say things like this with a straight face.

"Now, look. No giggling, gaffawing or chortling. Above all, smile, smile, smile! Remember our motto: ALL OF THE PEOPLE CAN REALLY BE FOOLED ALL OF THE TIME. Now, get out there and dissemble like crazy."

So businesses will collapse.

So families will be stretched way beyond their limits to put food on the table and get their kids into exercise.

So, thank goodness, the government knows better than all of us what we need.

Yesterday, the same government announced $25 Million cuts in social assistance.

From a reduction in dental visits to a cancellation of the province's minimum shelter allowance, the government hopes to save $25 million over the next two years through the reductions — something it says needs to be done in light of a recent explosion in demand for income assistance.


"The budget is very tight because of the increase in the number of people on social assistance," said Housing and Social Development Minister Rich Coleman.

"It's a reality of life that you've got to balance your services to what you can pay for."

Last week, the Premier proudly announced his new multi-million dollar 24/7 gambling emporium for downtown Vancouver.

This government's priorities are very clear.

It can only be hoped that this heinous, cynical HST grab will be the final nail in the BC Liberal government's coffin.

Oppose this legislation and this administration in every reasonable way.


The Large Haron Collider beauty experiment, with a staff of 650, will be studying differences between matter and antimatter.


How many people does it take to visit the Senate?

In a Nutshell

Remember Reader's Digest?

Goes along with the Moffat Range and the Studebaker, right?

Wrong again, Little Grasshopper!

According to (yet another august body) the lordly and gold-plated Print Measurement Bureau (PMB to you, Sidney) the current editions of Reader's Digest attract 6.38 MILLION readers per month.

A simple enough question -

Has anyone in living memory heard some one say something like, "Yah, so I read in Reader's Digest the other day that...?"