Sunday, September 30, 2007

Parliamentarians at All Time Low

This is sickening.

The Conservative National Caucus Chairman is a sociopath named Rahim Jaffer. He has been an MP from Edmonton for 10 years now.

Some years ago, scheduled to be interviewed on CKNW radio, he had an employee take the call and claim that he was Jaffer.

In spite of that detestable behaviour, which thoroughly speaks to Jaffer's lack of character, the idiots of Edmonton has sent him back to Ottawa again and again.

In Ottawa, Jaffer enjoys celebrity status, dressing beautifully, being photographed with his MP girlfriend and maintaining his public image for style and panache.

And we wonder why our governance has sunk to an all-time low.


Any male my age (approaching 65) is all too aware of the prostate gland and all the delightful little challenges it can have in store for us.

Failure to pee, too much peeing too often, blood in the pee and, of course, the grand prize, The Big Casino, cancer.

For one of the most comprehensive pieces on the "subject," read this excellent piece in yesterday's Globe & Mail.

If you're alive and breathing, it's a must read. I'm saving it for my next visit with the urologist.

Dancing at the Lesbian Bar

Recommended by BEN...didn't know this guy...but, hey, he is GOOD...