Saturday, January 5, 2008

This is Higher Learning?

Academia triumphs again.

A University of Western Ontario professor has studied choirs and discovered that singing has health benefits.

How many of your tax dollars did this dilettante spend to discover what is common knowledge?

Sing and you're happy...happy and you sing...

La la!

The Deep Shame of it All

Nice little background piece in the Toronto Star this morning on the Schreiber/Mulroney affair.

Friday Province Letters to the Editor

Are you telling me that my diabetic sister has to pay for her needles and equipment, while crack addicts get free supplies?

Something is definitely wrong.

My sister has a life-threatening disease contracted through no fault of her own, and she receives no funding for the things she needs to stay alive.

Yet those who chose a drug lifestyle, who obviously don't care what happens to themselves, get sick and the government goes into a panic trying to fund them.

The government is taking the attitude that, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em.

It is just throwing out free suicide supplies.

It seems we're condoning a life-threatening drug addiction in a bid to prevent illness that derives from that addiction.

How about spending this money on catching the people who have these illegal drugs?

Clair Miller, Langley

I thought I'd seen it all until this latest revelation that the B.C. Health Ministry will distribute free mouthpieces for crack pipes.

Have ministry officials become so wrapped up in their own little world that they don't realize how ludicrous this sounds to the average person?

I can't wait to submit my study indicating that if I don't get free beer I can't play recreational hockey or slow-pitch.

If I can't do those things, I fear my health will deteriorate.

I wonder how that will fly.

Walter Bramsleven, 100 Mile House

Free beer next?

Has everyone in our government gone mad by handing out free crack mouthpieces?

The cost to treat hepatitis C is projected at up to $143 million,

I do not know what the cost of treatment for alcoholics is, but I'm sure it is higher than that.

Will we hand out free beer next?

It's difficult to put into words the embarrassment I feel for B.C. and the many addicts who really do want help. It seems that our so-called leaders are, once again, enabling addicts and their habits.

Is this not dysfunctional?

Why don't they also provide alcohol to the alcoholic, sex to the sex addict and product to the thief?

They've already allowed gambling for those who like tempting fate with their hard-earned money.

Don't our leaders realize they are enabling their own children and grandchildren, nieces and nephews? They ought to be ashamed of themselves.

A. Pfeifer, New Westminster

More Dick?

As if the thought of the creationist Mike Huckabee isn't chilling enough...

Rudolph Giuliani has raised the spectre of Mr. Evil Incarnate Himself, Dick Cheney, being his potential Vice President.

Fortunately, Mr. Ground Zero is running close to last.

Read this nightmare from Crooks and Liars here.