Friday, October 10, 2008

au resevoir

Into the woods again...

Non postismentis tomorrow, but back in form either Sunday night or Monday morning, depending on how many breadcrumbs I leave on my path...


Stockwell Day, demonstrating a fine mind for numbers, assures us that the security bill for the 2010 fiasco will be somewhere between $400 Million and $1 Billion.

What a sharp pencil he has.

May he never be the finance minister.

Your right to Drive Doped Supercedes my right to be safe crossing the street?

The first person in Candian history has been arrested for driving while stoned on drugs.

Some might think this progress.

But privacy critics call this an invasion of privacy.

I'll tell you what's a really, really big invasion of privacy -

Being struck down and killed by a stoned driver.

Now that's an invasion of privacy.


The American Family Association is at it again.

They managed, by threat of boycott, to get a MacDonald's executive to resign from the board of the National Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

This activity was no doubt a heinous venal sin.

The Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce had the outrageous temerity to try to get health care coverage for its business-owning members.

Shame on them.

The MacDonald's exec has not only left the Board, he has left the good old open and tolent Excited States.

Last month he started his new job here in Canada.

By the way, when you Google the AFA, some of the choices you are offered include "The Homosexual Agenda," and "Hallmark Pushes Same-Sex Marriage."

A lot of people with a lot of spare time on their hands.


Between the two of them, Barack Obama and John McCain will have raised and spent more than a billion dollars on their campaigns for the presidency.

What does that say about "the system?"

How many health insurance policies, schools, day cares, operating rooms, and new houses would that money have brought to the common good?

I know.

Life is unfair. That's the way it is.

Sleepy, dreamy thoughts...