Saturday, March 22, 2008

Attentione, Amici

Please note along the right hand column that I have added a new link today titled: "Samantha Speaks: The Vancouver Manifesto."

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She is an interesting writer with a distinct point of view.


We Don't Want to Help the Homeless

Here are the things wrong with the front page story in the Sun today on the cost of homelessness:

1. Who didn't know that the millions we spend on useless social programs could have been spent on housing? Well...lots of people I suppose...

2. How much did the study cost that is the basis of this report? And why not put that into housing instead of into the pockets of academics?

3. This tragedy lies mostly at the feet of our feral government..uh, federal government, who began about 30 years ago to no longer fund social housing. CMHC used to do this and then thanks largely to Liberal regimes, they stopped. Just as they stopped funding the military and cut back health care dollars from 50% to 18%.

The Crimes Of "Helpers"

The needle exchange in Victoria will not be allowed to move into a St. John's Ambulance building on Pandora Street. Parent at a nearby elementary school quite rightly screamed bloody murder and the ignorant, unthinking civic authorities had to back down

That's the good news.

Now, the bad.

Undaunted, the authorities will make the Victoria needle exchange mobile.

That's right.

Coming soon to a neighbourhood very, very close to you will be a travelling troop train and side show circus called the needle exchange.


Are you familiar with the Mobile Arthritis Unit? The Mobile Cancer Truck?

No, you are not. Because they do not exist.

But we will spend your tax dollars serving up needles to addicts.

And let's look at what that brings.

The very same report tells us "users have been loitering outside the Cormorant Street location in large groups, leaving dirty syringes, blood and human waste."

In case, you think human waste means envelopes or file, it means pee and poo.

Do you understand that the mayor of Victoria and AIDS Vancouver Island in their superior wisdom were preparing to bring this loveliness to a site near a junior school. And now that they have been deterred from so doing by righteous public outcry, they will instead bring it on wheels to ALL neighbourhoods?

This is what happens when you sit at home and watch The Biggest Loser instead of being involved.

Terrible Realization

I have a truly horrible thought.

I am now almost certain that Mayor Sam Sullivan will be re-elected.

As inappropriate or against the common good as that inevitability may be, it now seems unavoidable.

The mayor has the biggest possible advantage: His every utterance is front page material.

He can play out one insincere notion after another, every second or third day until November, and each of these pronouncements will get attention.

And each time his face is shown in the press with the title attached - Mayor - the thoughtless, sentimental average stupid voter will be passively impressed.

Whatever else I may think of Peter Ladner, Gregor Robertson, Raymond Louie, Allan De Genova or whomever else may throw his or her hat into the ring, not one of them has at his disposal the free publicity machine that is availed the incumbent. Not one of them has to date created an impression that is in any way bigger than Sullivan's.

Says Who?

How brave, courageous and bold of Fazil Mihlar to write a column today defending and protecting banks.

Yes, that's what banks need is an apologist.

Increasingly, the editorial pages of our daily papers across the nation support, reinforce and cheer the status quo.

A most peculiar position for the free press.

We are Not Alone in our Continuing Distaste for the BCTF

Whom does boycott benefit? Certainly not students

Saturday, March 22, 2008
Re: BCTF vows to fight standardized tests with job action, March 18
I am the parent of a Grade 12 student who will attend an American university in September. Almost every university to which our daughter applied requested a ranking report on her school, Lord Byng secondary. It took some explaining on my part as to why British Columbia does not produce such a report. Fortunately, the Fraser Institute's report on Lord Byng was acceptable.
It is critical for students who seek post-secondary education outside of Canada to have access to a performance report on their secondary school. A performance/ranking report is just one of many things U.S. admissions departments list as required documentation. It was embarrassing to advise American universities that our province does not produce a report that is so common down south.
I am very disappointed in the BCTF's position and wonder whom the boycott truly benefits -- certainly not students.
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When Your Government is Illegal

Handi-Dart has taken on new meaning.

Now, the accent is clearly on DART.

On Tuesday morning at about 10:15, I was heading towards a traffic circle at 8th and Highbury.

In front of me was a Translink Handi-Dart, a vehicle with the express purpose of serving the handicapped.

All over the world, drivers drive around traffic circles (in most countries to the right, in a few to the left). I have never seen anywhere except here in this frontier immature country, idiots drive the wrong way around these round-abouts.

I have seen police cars, private cars, city engineering trucks and so on blithely ignore the law and the safety of all and turn quickly to the left. I see these illegal activities almost daily.

On Tuesday, a Handi-Dart turned on his left turn signal and DART to the left, instead of driving around the circle as we are required by law to do.

The circle of juvenile illegality is now complete.

We can expect little that is reasonable now in public life.

Obama's Speech - Attention Must be Paid

What Makes Vancouver Special

Playing tennis at Stanley Park yesterday, we had to stop several times to marvel at the cranes nesting in the trees by the courts.

At one point, we counted over 50 birds and nests.

Every few minutes one of these beautful birds would fly over with yet another twig.

More Waikiki Thoughts - This from RCMP John Buis

I liked the blog you put up yesterday regarding the comparisons between Honolulu and Vancouver. Kellie and I have been in Honolulu (Waikiki) since Sunday evening and will be here for a total of two weeks. We have definitely noticed a big differences here with Vancouver particularly with the few street people we have seen (they do not not harass the visitors) and the reduced \"fear of crime\" when walking the streets during the day or night.Without more information I cannot give you specific reasons why Waikiki appears safer than Vancouver, however, I do know there is a a large military presence in Waikiki at Fort DeRussey There are three hotels for military personnel and their families on leave with uniformed armed military Shore Patrol present in and around the hotels. There is also a very noticeable police presence in Waikiki with many marked police cars and bicycle patrols on the streets. The police station on the beach in the heart of the hotel district provides visitors place to talk to the police if necessary and deters/keeps the street people off the beach and away from the tourists.I am sure there is more to it than these obvious signs but it would be interesting to find out more about court sentencing statistics and alcohol and drug recovery programs and if any exist. I am going to go back to the pool for a while and try not to think about crime reduction until I return to my office on April 1, 2008

We have seen the Future - and it is SCARRRYYYY

John McCain, who could be the next American president, was in Israel yesterday.

He referred to the Jewish holiday, Purim, as "their version of Halloween here.”
And why is that relentless light hog, Joe Lieberman trailing along behind him?
Lieberman, a longtime Democrat and failed presidential and vice-presidential candidate, is now the Connecticut senator listed as an "independant Democrat."
What does shadowing McCain make him?
A whore.