Thursday, April 3, 2008

Weekend Announcement

I'm off to a family event in Winnipeg tomorrow.

I will be blogging, but emailing may be a problem.

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ICBC Exempt From Scrutiny

There's the Sun headline and it says it all.

How can the biggest car dealer and a government agency at that not be required to register under the Motor Vehicle Act?

Perhaps between Olympic lunches, the Premier might think about working on that.

To make matters worse, "ICBC has refused to reveal whether any employees have been disciplined as a result of the scandal."

So reassuring to know that a crown corporation need have no sense of responsibility to the public it alleges to serve.

Also fun to learn that the in-house repair shop has been fixing employees cars. This is much like the way some employees in Richmond government regularly gas up for free and have their cars washed at Richmond City Works Yard. Or so we are told....of course, everyone concerned denies such spurious allegations.

Gulag, anyone?

Who's Protecting Whom?

It is not encouraging to learn that "former police complaint commissioner Don Morrison refused to order a public hearing into the death of Frank Paul because he wanted to save the career of a young police officer..."

Isn't that making a number of judgements and reaching several conclusions without and before asking any questions?

The implications are, among other things, that Constable Instant was guilty of something and that his career was more important than the death of Mr.Paul or the public's need to know and the Paul family's need to know the truth.

All of those conclusions are suspect without a full enquiry and more than suspect in moral and ethical values.

What can we expect of our police when their own watchdog doesn't know his own job?
Read the Vancouver Sun coverage here.

J.S.Bach 'Sinfonia' Swingle Singers

I have had this record form over 30 years and I still isten to it regularly. Now it has come to say to me, "Sunnny morning, Vancouver..."