Saturday, March 15, 2008

What? And Quit Show Biz?

The mayor who is on record for hating the police, thwarting the police at every turn and lobbying passionately against Enforcement (one of the alleged four pillars), yes that mayor, the one who is now claiming to want to add 100 policemen to the force, is now crying that the feds must help.

Listen to his language.

"I need funding for these police."

Not, we need funding or the City of Vancouver needs funding, or the citizens of the city need funding.

It's all about Sam all the time.

Like he cares about police.

Peter Ladner, on the other hand, says "I think we have to take full responsibility for our own police."

The Nutty Mayor, desperate and in full panic mode, has now reached Full Clown Status.

Surprise! Your M and M's will do the trick just fine, thanks

Shaken by drug study.

Or so we are to believe.

A recent study showed that many depression patients were helped as much by placebos as by prescription "medicines."


So that means that most of the educated world still hasn't figured out that most depression pharmacology is about marketing, not science.

We are talking here about billions and billions of dollars in profits.

No Time for Your Wall. Sorry

I not sure what the photographer intended, but the two idiots chosen to illustrate the Sun's story on Facebook today were perfect.

I don't use facebook or any of its millions of clones. I won't answer messages on my wall, your wall or the Wall Centre's wall.

Want to email me or MSN message me, fine. I'm yours, pal.

But I will not give an extra click to be your totally sworn friend for life on systems that have been devised for 10 year olds.

The foto on page A6 (above) shows two of the goofiest, dumbest looking geeks of all time. They are poster children for this nonsense.

Oddly, the article is titled, "Getting Close and Personal."

This is exactly what Facebook is NOT.

It is an avoidance of close and personal.

Close and personal happens when the other person is right in front of you and you can smell, see, taste, reach and touch.

Internet hook-ups are about NARRATIVE, about creating a story line, one in which you may in fact totally believe is who you are, but they are light years from anything resembling the truth or companionship or, lord save us, love.

Well, it's magic...

Love is All Around....almost

It was so cheering to read that Muslim leaders are calling for a real peaceful sit-down with the Christian world.

My immediate reaction to this headline was, "Yah? And what about the Jews?"

Funny how these things work.

I had only to read another paragraph of the story to get the small rider the imams' loving spoonful.

Of course, murderous bastards like Israel are still the enemy and not invited to the kumbayah fest.