Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Great Debate

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There is a substantial discussion going on with yesterday's posting on The Lies Of Insite. As of this moment, there are 7 comments.

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Beauty is in the Eye

Family and friends have rushed to the defense of the image of a young man who was killed last week.

"Zach was an all-round awesome person, always making people laugh. No matter what he was always smiling."

Except, of course, when he was dealing in illegal drugs and playing with guys with guns. And, of course, when he was shot dead in a restaurant. That'll happen sometimes when you live like that.

Bureaucrats Continue Their Killing Sprees

A young native boy has died in a Winnipeg hospital when he should have been back home in Norway House.

The reason the boy was stuck in the Winnipeg hospital is that Federal and Provincial bureaucrats argued for 2 years about jurisdiction and every tiny expense to care for the boy.

An editorial in the Canadian Medical Journal has recommended that both governments be sued.

We are seen as an increasingly litigious society.

But for my money, we don't sue often enough or the right people. Every time, some parole genius or other mandarin kills someone with their intransigence, that person and his/her immediate supervisor should be hauled into court to answer for their crimes.

And how is it that in Norway house, a community of 6,000 native people, there are 37 profoundly disabled children? Is anybody having a look at that?

Bad Writing, Bad Research, Bad Results

The following headline in today's sports section of the Sun is misleading in every possible way:

"Race found to color umpires' vision when calling strikes."

When you read through the article, you discover that this so-called "research" yielded a shocking difference of ONE per cent.

I have news for you, kids.

One per cent is not statistically significant. One per cent is meaningless.

So-called professors at McGill, U, of Texas and Auburn U. all combined by analyzing 2 million pitches over 3 major league seasons.

For this, they were paid good public money??? This is what institutions of higher learning are concerned with? How did their wives and colleagues keep a straight face when told what they were doing with their time?

Can you say, "Corruption and waste of time?"

Finally, why would anyone write about it? Sloooowwwww Newzzzzzz Daaayyyyy...

The Hollies - Bus Stop

LOved these guys at the time...