Friday, October 12, 2007

The Search for Alien Life

Headline: "Scientists hope new technology will find alien life by 2025."

Brother. What are they waiting for?

Vancouver is bursting with "Alien Life."

City Council, Vandu, DTES, the Mayor...

We are Spore City. Have been for a dog's age.

The ever-present fear is of falling asleep and becoming ONE OF THEM....

Pick me up - Throw me Down

A letter to the editor has stayed in my mind from yesterday's Sun.

The writer legitimately points out that we have survived almost 3 months without garbage pickup...and then asks a wonderful question.

If we have managed all this time somehow, then why does the City pick up residential garbage every week???

How about every 2 weeks?

I have been thinking about this all day.

And how much is this a reflection of ALL city hall functions?

What hall spent HALF of what it now spends because at least half of its alleged services ARE COMPLETELY UNNECESSARY?

The Gift of Giving - 2010 Style

"Admission to a Dream" should be retitled "Dream About Admission."

The paper was chocker block full today with exhortations from Vanoc/2010 about how affordable all the events will be.


Let's even say you could get into line in the wind and snow to watch first-hand the fabulous luge for a bargain basement $55.

Who goes to things alone? Your partnered up with at least a spouse, partner, friend, right away 55 = 110. Then bring your entire family and it's really 220. Canadian dollars that is.

Does Vanoc have some deal with the press that they can corner page after page whenever they want for their fake news?

Canada POST - My New Torah

Political parties with single focus are flat stupid.

The Marijuana Party, The Sex Party, The Cream-Coloured Buttered Turtle Party, may they all go the way of the Dodo Bird Party.

Having said that, what's with Canada POST deciding it cannot carry messages from one of these groups?

Can the word "penis" be any more offensive than "plazma TV?"

For all my good friends and guardians of the public morality at Canada POST, herewith a list of words to consider:

Johnson, dick, cock, bird, thingee, snake, soldier, head, mushroom, POST and the inevitable Eddie.


Al Gore has won the Nobel Peace prize for his work in making public the problems of global climate change.

Within minutes the hosannas and the denouncements followed. Read the NY Times report here.