Saturday, November 1, 2008

Grow Up

Nice to know that all the good community leaders are setting a first-rate example.

Now we only have 4 RCMP officers and one school board chairman facing drunk driving charges.

Read the story here and then throw up.

After that, you can ask anyone running for office or planning to go into police work if he or she has a drinking or adult responsibility problem.

The photo is of Chris Dorais, Chairperson of the Board of Education for North Vancouver. He is facing drunk driving charges.

One of a Kind

There was a time when everyone in the world had a copy of "Working," sticking out of his back pocket.

Studs Terkel, the author of that book and many others and one of the great broadcasters, died yesterday at the age of 96.

The Reuters obit published today in the Sun is a a good one.

Pay Up, Part Deux

Yesterday I told the story of my son and his son arguing about paying for SkyTrain.

Only a few hours later, a friend who is running for office on November 15th told me ove coffee that his 20-year old daughter laughs at the idea of paying on the SkyTrain.

I don't care how many of you claim that turnstiles don't work, I insist that we demand people pay for their fares on public transit.

State of the Onion

Notes from Show Biz Acres...

NBC's weekly half-hour comedy show "30 Rock" has won awards by the bucketful and a full-time career for Alec Baldwin, but it has yet to gather viewers in sufficient numbers to support it.

Why is that?

I'll tell you why.


I lasted about 14 laugh-deprived minutes on Thursday night and reached for the gin bottle.

(Kidding...don't have a gin bottle....come on...)

It is so precious, so look-at-me, do sophomoronic that only Tina Fey's cousin could like it.

And - while it's true that Fey's Sarah Palin is a minor if passing stroke of hilaria - this gal is just not falling down hilarious.

If the folks aren't laughing, all the critics praises will get you is a 2% decaf latte with soy, hold the cinnamon sprinkles please.


CBC Radio Two has had their bi-annual revolution, in this case throwing out all the "old" and putting front and centre all the new geniuses of broadcasting.


There is some girl doing a five-hour stint during the day of playing classical music and shrieking her personal little homilies around the songs. Shmarmy, spoiled, unbearable.

And all those years I didn't enjoy Jurgen Gothe's act on Disc Drive? (Loved the play selection, couldn't take his style.)

Now that he's been replaced by an inarticulate 20 or 30-something stumbling, rumbling bumbling boob, I am NOSTALGIC FOR J.G. Imagine!

What's a Day Without a Little Mo?