Monday, October 26, 2009

Boring and Irresponsible

There is only one thing of interest in the front section of today's Globe and Mail.

It is this.

Not one, not two, but three whole pages of ads from the CBC.

How much did that cost?

Of taxpayers money.

To let us know that Peter Mansbridge had a poo. That Peter Mansbridge popped a pelican. That Peter Mansbridge played the piano in pindergarten.

Has anyone noticed?

The CBC is a corrupt organization.

It is valuable and necessary, but it is a mess and it spends our money in the worst ways unimaginable.

I'm Not Paying...So There!

Catalyst Paper Corp has withheld about $17-million in taxes from four B.C. town's where its mills are located: Powell River, Campbell River, Port Alberni and North Cowichan.

Another company, Celgar, refused to pay its $3.6 million in property taxes this year and instead filed a petition in B.C. Supreme Court asking for a judicial review of the town's tax rates, where it operates in Castlegar.

Pretty cheeky for a company that has just been given...wait for it...$57.7 million in bail-out money from the federal government.


A) I don't get federal bail-out money. Do you?

B) If I refused to pay my taxes, RevCan would first seize my home and car and first born and then throw me in jail.

Double standard to go with your double-double this morning?


So you won a gold medal for your country way back when.

Big deal.

Get lost, Sister!

Last week we saw John Furlong crying croc tears on the front pages about how the Olympics was helping humanity.


Well, he's not helping athletes who competed and triumphed for Canada.

No invites, no tix.

Read it and kack.

Then send Mr. F. a friendly little note at


There was a time for a few seasons there when the phrase "on any given Sunday," really meant something in the NFL.

Now, what've we got?

35-7, 42-6, 37-7, 38-0...

Getting the picture?

And that was just yesterday. A week or so back, there was 58-0 for the Patriots over somebody.

Vat da heck?

Now, we're watching a handful of elite teams who seem to have their way with the patsies as they will. That would be your New Englands, your Colts, Saints, Broncos and Vikings - unless they're playing a real team, like the Steelers.

And the bottom of the heap?

Well, they have never been so bottomed.

Looking up at a far away sky from a very deep well indeed are the Raiders, the Browns (Have the Browns ever had a winning season after color TV?), the not-so-Titans (Who were 13-3 last year!), St. Louis, Kansas City and Tampa Bay.

We're talking big zeros in the in column after seven weekends.

Other than Oakland, where the 90-year old (at least!) and completely nutty Al Davis has been systematically destroying a once storied franchise for about a decade now, who can explain the new layout?

Not me.

And confession:

In a perverse way, it is kind of fun to see the occasional blow-out.