Wednesday, October 28, 2009


Immediately below you will find a link to Joseph Planta's website, The Commentary.

Click in and you'll hear, if you like, an interview he did with me the other day about my recent re-acquaintance with real and effective drug treatment.

David Berner |

David Berner

Tiny Minds

The City of Vancouver, apparently with mot much else to do on a Tuesday, has come up with a new by-law.

If you run a restaurant here, your daily take must now include more than 50 per cent in food sold, rather than wine and other intoxicating beverages.

This is to discourage places from selling chips and BLT's while pouring out the booze in barrels.

This is to discourage so-called restaurants from acting like bars.

But lurking behind this idiocy is the simple fact that bar and pub licenses are made almost impossible to get.

This is a problem created by the very fools who are now rendering an even dumber answer to the problem they created in the first place.

Vancouver Councillor Raymond Louie has publicly defended this new nonsense.

Ray, you gotta know when to keep the head low and keep very still.

I'll have the Pasta Bullshetta and a small house red, please.

Mass Confusion?

A choir full of kids and parents and choir masters and the Premier of Newfoundland all seem to have heard someone invite the choir to sing in the opening ceremonies in a certain little hoe-down planned for next February.

The someone who it is alleged by all of these people who are apparently suffering some mass delusional experience was Gordon Campbell, the Premier of British Columbia.

Mr. Campbell remembers it differently. “I said to the choir: ‘You know, wouldn't it be great if you could sing at the Olympics?' Not the opening ceremonies; I never had any control over the opening ceremonies.”


Now, the offer is coming in not from Campbell, but from George Abbott t sing at a smaller less visible venue.

Problem is half the kids have stopped going to practice after two years of dreaming is down the drain.


Wouldn't it be fun to be a cabinet member in a local government.

"Hey, Wooden Head. Go clean up my mess, will ya?"

Headlines We Can't Resist

Bacon mom tells court cops treated her sons like criminals