Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Pam in China

When I was in China we visited the BC Pavillion. We arrived at 4:00 in the
afternoon and we were told they would soon be closing and it was too late
for us to see the exhibit.

We were disappointed but came back the next day, paid the entrance fee of
30 Yuan and went through the exhibit. I think it takes all of about 10 minutes at
the most to go through the exhibit! We were mad they had not let us in the
previous day!

There are three mounties and about fifteen staff - all with nothing to do! It is not
nearly as well attended as they thought it would be. I asked where the Whistler
water was and was told it was in the back for the staff!!!!! I had heard there was
supposed to be a bottle of Whistler water for each visitor???

The display was kind of boring and typical with lots of photographs on the walls.
There is the tree from Stanley Park which is great for a photo-op.
At the end there was an interesting interactive station that takes one on a flight
over BC. I thought the best part was the miniature Bay store complete with Bay
blankets and Olympic products.

So nice to see our tax dollars at work in Beijing!

RCMP to the Showers Please

The mess that resulted in a multi-million dollar case against the Hell's Angels being thrown out of court before it got there should be called Operation Inadequate.

The real name was Project Phoenix and as near as we can tell it is Clouzeauvian in its ineptitude, approaching near comedy status.

Every kettle in the deal calling every pot black.

The RCMP has been a walking disaster for far too many years now.

Will someone in government ever tackle this file? Will we get police in this country that are capable of cooperating on anything? Will provincial police rise again?

Stay tuned for these and other melodramas while crime continues unabated in your hood.


45.4 million text messages a day in Canada.

Let me guarantee you that 44 million of those are sent by people under the age of 24.

43 million say something like, " class so boring!!! CU @ 'bucks, order me a machiatto."

Which is oddly enough not unlike the millions of terribly important cell calls that are made every day by people yelling into their chest cavities in front of vegetable stands, walking down the street and the hallways of colleges.

Here's my idea.

National Shut the Fuck Up Day.

This would be every Sunday or Thursday.

Which, in the interests of Harmony on Earth, Rogers and Bell and Telus and Fido would all agree to close down all services once a week.

You're familiar with TGIF.

Try TGIQ - Thank God It's Quiet.

As for the telcoms charging for incoming text messages, including absolutely unasked for garbage, who didn't see that coming?