Monday, November 12, 2007

What's a Day Without a Little Bocelli In the Night?

Good Old Ecclesiastes

The Byrds hypnotic turn on some ancient wisdom...this is one of my all-time rock faves...

Victor's Prize Winning Olympic Coinage

For 60 years, the governments of Korea and China have requested an apology from Japan for the forced prostitution imposed by the Japanese army during WW2. These enslaved girls were called "comfort women".

Now, it appears we will have our own comfort women in Vancouver to provide relief for the army of tourists coming to our city in 2010.

It is rumoured that Mayor Sam has proposed issuing special tokens that may be redeemed for these services. These will bear the Olympic logo and be called "Inukchukfuckbucks".

VANOC has pressed for assurance that in the interests of equality, both genders will be available for Inukchukfuckbucks. Accordingly, a special contingent of male prostitutes to be known as "Furlong's Footlongs" will be created.

Cambie St.- The Legalities of Compensation

Jonathan Baker is a well-known Vancouver Lawyer and former City Councillor.

He writes:


I have been following your comments regarding compensation of the Cambie Street merchants.

Actually, the government is being more miserable than you give them credit for. The existing legislation gave them a right to compensation? However that right was taken away by various legislative amendments to the Vancouver Charter, the Local Government Act and the Community Charter.

Section 312 of the Local Government Act provides for compensation for injurious affection if a regional district injuriously affects property by the exercise of _any of its powers_. Section 33 of the /Community Charter/ does the same for actions by municipalities, and Section 541 of the Vancouver Charter applies to actions by the City of Vancouver.

However, the British Columbia Transit Act excludes the applicability of these provisions with respect to land affected by the planning, acquisition, construction, maintenance or operation of a rail transit system under the Transit Act, or in respect of any actions by a municipality that in any way relates to the rail transit system.

Relevant Legislation British Columbia Transit Act 8(7) Despite any other Act, section 33 of the /Community Charter,/ section 312 of the /Local Government Act/ and section 541 of the /Vancouver Charter/ do not apply in respect of land affected by the planning, acquisition, construction, maintenance or operation of a rail transit system under this Act or in respect of the exercise of any power of a municipality that in any way relates to the rail transit system.

Vancouver Charter Compensation for injurious affection *541.* Where real property is injuriously affected by the exercise on the part of the city of any of its powers, the city shall, unless it is otherwise provided in this or some other Act, make due compensation to the owner for any damage necessarily resulting therefrom beyond any advantage which the owner may derive from any work in connection with which the real property is so affected.

Local Government Act Compensation for expropriation and other actions *312* (2_) If a regional district_ (a) exercises a power to enter on, break up, alter, take or enter into possession of and use any property, or _injuriously affects property by the exercise of any of its powers, /and/ _ _(b) exercises a power referred to in paragraph (a) that does not constitute an expropriation within the meaning of the /Expropriation Act,/_ _compensation is payable for any loss or damages caused by the exercise of the power._ "

2010 the Machinery for Social Policy

We've had years and years to consider major issues of social policy, such as the legalization of prostitution or pot and the need for more social housing.

Little to nothing was done.

But now - ecco! behold! the new Millennium has arrived.

Suddenly the City Fathers and Mothers are alive with suggestions and plans and initiatives.

Co-op brothels, legal grass, thousands of housing units! Ta-Da!!!

And why? What has engendered all this outflowing of human kindness and community creativity?

Why, the Olympic Games, of course.

Allow me to not be happy and impressed.

First of all, we wrote (Calling Something Good Doesn't make it So) about the ugly idea for co-op brothels only 2 days ago.

But once again this is headline news.

Libby Davies and The Nutty Mayor and a prostitute are all pushing for co-op brothels. The mayor and Davies are motivated, not by compassion or reason or care, but by know...The Olympics.

The mayor keeps talking about somebody called "survival sex workers." Who is that? What is that? I am very far out of the official loops these days and I don't know what that means.

Please explain.

Of course, look at the other clever souls who support this madness: Hedy Fry, The Worst MP in the History of Canadian Parliament (Does she see Burning Condoms on the Lawns of the Brothels?) and Senator Larry Campbell, until the Arrival of Sam, the Worst Mayor in the History of Vancouver, and the living poster boy for the Abolition of the Red Chamber.

Fortunately there are some who are willing to speak out against this atrociously bad idea.

A woman from Rape Relief speaks against having "disposable women" made available for the Olympics. Vancouver Police Constable Tim Fanning points out that prostitution is "just a breath short of slavery."

Unfortunately, the minute you identify yourself as against this notion, you are called names and branded as "a moralist, uptight, backward, etc..."

So before all the highly superior name-calling happens, let me say again...

Prostitution is slavery. This is not some idle dream that visited me. I worked with hundreds of women who were prostitutes and I know that they all hated themselves and every minute of what they did.

Not because there is something wrong with sex or even sex for money.

But because you cannot turn sexual activity into a business without destroying yourself.

And to consider this very bad idea all in the name of putting on a Happy Face for 2010 is the ultimate obscenity.

Thanks to various City Governments

Clearly it's a slow news day.

Two stories from days ago have re-surfaced this morning.

On Thursday, I wrote about the comically named "Granville Entertainment District."

Now we learn that 10,000 people come to "party" (read, drink cheap beer) and fight.

How attractive, how "world class."

In 15 visits to Venice, Italy in the past 12 years, I have seen people drinking from morning till night and back to the morning again...and I have seen ONE drunk.

Oh, yes, we're very mature, very grown-up.

Mildew's Entirely Self-Centred Agenda

Mildew wants to legalize pot.

From an avowed pothead, we should be surprised?


Here is a strange and powerful and sometime dramatic, sometime frivolous and silly video from a marvelous pop singer.

Betty Carter - Original Jazz Genius

They just killed a man and drove away

You might think this is quote from Chicago in the '20s or Vancouver in '07.

But no, it's another saver from Bush's war in Iraq, where, once again, a private American "security" company has killed an Iraqi citizen - a cab driver - with no provocation.

How is it possible that so many millions of Americans - and Canadians for that matter - cannot see the fundamental corruption that lies at the core of this dreadful battle?