Saturday, October 18, 2008

Reach Out - Again...

Is the Daily Paper Finished? There are no more Fish to wrap, so what purpose will is serve?

You will see to the right a new survey.

Is is just me, or is the newly revised, revamped and reconfigured Vancouver Sun basically devoid of news?

Or is this just a slow news period?

I appreciate that the paper did a big themed exercise on the economy and that they covered the nightmare from every imaginable angle (except, of course, how the sex trade is flourishing or languishing as a result of the...wait for it...downturn.)


I didn't find one story, not one, worthy of blogggismentis.

One friend says that the Sun now considers its biggest rival - and model - 24 Hours.


That would 'splain a lot.

I suppose like many of you I could cancel the daily delivery and save all that paper recycling.

Take the survey.

Help me understand what the Captains of Communication think they are doing.


At last...some good news and some legitimate news.

Mike Mccarthy's front page piece in Friday's Courier tells the most encouraging story about the Aboriginal Mother Centre and Builders without Borders.

Neil Griggs, the architect and planner, who is the passion behind Builders without Borders, deserves all our thanks and praise for doing exactly what should be done and what can never be done by governments.

The Pivot Legal Society is completely wrong in kvetching that this kind of project relieves the government of its responsibility to build social housing.

A) Pivot might start by simply being thankful for this great initiative.

B) They might recognize that government has contributed many dollars to this project, and

C) Governments never have Vision or Passion and they can never do this kind of good work. They never have and they never will. Always look to non-profits and the private sector to do good in the world.

Important Community Announcement

Southeast Seniors to Confront Vision Vancouver Candidates About Seniors Centre;

Staggering New Statistics to be Released

October 17, 2008

Vancouver, BC - The Southeast Vancouver Seniors' Arts and Cultural Centre Society will be unveiling staggering new statistics regarding Vancouver's seniors population at a public forum on Monday, October 20th at the Killarney Community Centre. The group is devoted to developing, promoting and providing programs, activities and services for seniors of all cultural backgrounds within Southeast Vancouver.

Since the mid-1990's, the idea of a seniors centre in Southeast Vancouver emerged in response to an embarrassing lack of resources for seniors in the area, encompassing such neighbourhoods as Victoria-Fraserview, Killarney, and Champlain. This quadrant of the city continues to lag behind other areas as currently there are nine stand-alone seniors centres within Vancouver, none of which reside in Southeast VancouverIn April of 2001, Vancouver City Council and Vancouver Park Board approved in principle the construction of a seniors centre at Killarney Community Centre subject to the availability of funding from other sources such as the provincial and federal governments.

Subsequent changes in both levels of government have killed these initial pledges of support. The Southeast Vancouver Seniors' Arts and Cultural Centre Society have invited Vision Vancouver council candidate Raymond Louie and Vision Vancouver Park Board candidate Raj Hundal to attend the forum to make them aware of powerful new census data that shows that 1/3 of all Vancouver seniors live in the city's southeast quadrant as well as the severe lack of services and resources devoted to this population.EVENT DETAILS: Southeast Seniors ForumWho: The Southeast Vancouver Seniors' Arts and Cultural Centre Society; Vision Vancouver candidates Raymond Louie & Raj Hundal

Date: Monday, October 20, 2008 Time: 11:00a.m. - Noon (Doors open at 10:30) Place: Killarney Community Centre 6260 Killarney Street

Room 203 , 2nd Floor

For further information: Keith Jacobson (604)816-7472

Someone to Vote For

Looking for a place to cast a good vote in November?
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Vote for Eileen Le Gallais, an old friend, who is running for School Trustee. The following is her recent message.

Friends & Colleagues,

I am very excited to share with you my decision to run for School Board Trustee on the Non Partisan Association, (NPA), slate in the November 15, 2008, Civic Election.

I have over 30 years experience teaching Elementary and Secondary in Vancouver schools, with special training in ESL. Our three children attended Vancouver schools, and now our four grandchildren continue the tradition. I believe my experience as a parent and as an educator, gives me a valuable perspective to bring to the Vancouver School Board.

My goal as a Trustee will be to bring my expertise, energy and enthusiasm to actively support students and ensure that all available resources are accessible to them.

Please contact me at if you would like to support my campaign through donations, lawn signs (large 4X4, small 24X18), delivering flyers, etc. For now, one of the easiest ways to assist, is to forward this email announcement to people you feel would be interested in supporting my drive to make positive changes in the Vancouver school system.

Find out more about me, and my credentials at

Eileen Le Gallais

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