Thursday, August 9, 2007

Marching to a Different Drummer

Yesterday, I drove up the Granville Street hill and passed the public protest against China and in support of Tibet.

Maybe one day I will be proven wrong and all these protests will turn the tide.

Maybe if people had marched with placards in 1943, fewer Jews would have been murdered in camps in Europe.

Maybe the marching is the important thing and the result is secondary.

But in my heart, I don't believe any of this.

I think it is easy to yell and scream and wear a cardboard sign around your neck about conditions many thousands of miles away. I think it is stupid to go to a foreign sovereign state and hang banners from beloved monuments.

I think it is far braver and more to the point to work diligently at small, local problems in our own back yard.

Police Investigating Police - Not a Good Idea

Maybe the Drunk Mountie who hung with crooks has truly rehabilitated himself and is now a truly Worthy fellow.

But how are we to know?

His case was heard by 3 senior officers.

As a result, in spite of the fact that he has been banned from driving for a year, he is still on the Force, albeit at an obscure desk job.

The day the police stop investigating themselves will be the day the rest of us feel that justice is being served.

Dope Pushers Have Your Best Interests at Heart

Oh how amazing! I am truly in shock. Where's my defibrillator?

Big Pharma opposes cheap-drug policy.

Well, duh!

Big Pharma hauls out scare tactic number 32-11B slash 46 subsection "a" - FEAR!!!!

If you buy cheaper drugs, the Law of Unintended Consequences will rush in the back door, they holler, and more people will get sick and eat up more hospital dollars.


And banks care about you.

The Sultan of S----What?

Barry Bonds is a grotesque. (THE FOTO IS HANK AARON.)

But no more than the fools who have celebrated his latest home run hit.

A man goes from size 10 shoe to size - what? - 13 ovenight? His hat doesn't fit?

This guy is a Chem Monster, an 'Oid machine, plain and simple.

The No-Lifers, who write in to papers and call in to radio shows say, "He's never been charged with anything, never been convicted."

To them and all the other daytime dreamers, I say, "Sure. And Al Capone never killed anyone."