Saturday, April 3, 2010

How It Works

So he's a big Liberal donor.

And ICBC Chair.

And former Chair of BC Lottery.

And involved with Paragon Developments.

And an Edgewater Casino shareholder.

So what if he calls a provincial government cabinet minister with some warnings about how projects may or may not go if certain things are or are not done?

No Problem!

This is Supernatural British Columbia.

Where a little discreet call from the right guy to another right guy is not called Corruption, it's called Business as Usual.

Just one question, if we may.

Do the teachers or the nurses or the doctors or the addiction workers have this kind of grease? This kind of access?



What a strange place this GordoLand is.

Cluck, cluck. City Calling!

Apartment dwellers will not be allowed to keep chickens on their patios.

This is one of the rules.

And what a relief it is.

This is a part of a 36-page report from city staff to city council.

This is what your city does.

The rules are very detailed, and don't worry if you get tired of having chickens in your yard after a while.

Someone on Saltspring Island is starting a retirement home for chickens.

Understanding the Phenomenon

Hands down, the best thing I have read to date about The Tiger Woods Story is the piece in today's Globe and Mail by Stephen Brunt.

For a real sense of perspective, read Brunt's column and then get ready for The Big Return on Thursday at the Masters.

Little Bit of Heaven