Friday, April 23, 2010

Cowardly Captain

While Gordon Campbell, our Monumental Premier, likes to think of himself as the Treaty and Land Claims Premier, Ontario's Dalton McGuinty has fashioned himself as the "Education Premier."

Not so fast there, Bunky.

Now, he may be known henceforth as Mr. Back Down or the Big Switch.

Or just plain Wishy Washy Guy.

Yesterday, we spoke in this space about plans for more sex education in Ontario schools.

In fact, sex ed has been around for a donkey's age and the new plan was just a re-working of things and it had been trotted out and dissected for two years before its current version.

But, as we discussed yesterday, fundamentalist religionistas hit the bricks swinging.

How dare you talk to our kids about these dirty birds and bees? Leave it to us parents to screw them up.

And response to this minority of cave dwellers and wagon pullers, the good Premier has reversed his position and pulled the program.

What a dork.

Canada is a puritanical country.

Not as much as God, Guns & Glory America, of course. Nobody on earth is as uptight about nature as yer Yanquis.

But we are holding our own, so to speak.
We are so bad at making babies that we have to import entire civilizations to give the census takers something to do.

Let's hear it for Dalton McGuinty, a man so afraid of his own shadow that he overrides his own education ministry and thousands of people who have slaved over a process and a program that he knows damn little about because a TV evangelist goes postal on him.

Man up, Sugar Plum.

Being intimidated by a handful of wacko "believers" is not leadership.

Terrorism at Home and Abroad

The Globe & Mail is reporting on their web edition that Ujjal Dosanjh is the target of assassination threats on a Facebook site.

“It'd be much more appropriate to pierce him with bullets, not compassion,” the posting said.

The RCMP are investigating.

Please read the story here.

Sick. Sickening.

And in New York, the writers and producers of the racy TV cartoon show, South Park, have also received death threats over a recent Muhammad satire.

Madness abounds.

In France, a woman driver wearing an Islamic face veil has been fined by French police for not having a clear field of vision.

Good luck with that.

It's the Money, Stupid

The Premier likes to think he is the best friend in the whole wide world of aboriginals.

When he's not appearing somewhere or other for a photo op waring a turban, he's wearing a headdress or an eagle feather.

In his delusion, he is the "land claims settlement Premier."

How pleasant it must be for him to wake up this morning and learn that BC Natives have joined the Van Der Zalm war against the HST.

Of course, if I were Chief Stewart Phillip, head of the Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs and I wrote a letter to Colin Hansen only to brushed off with a short reply and a refusal to meet, I'd be on the warpath too.

Do Hansen and Campbell not communicate?

Or does Campbell only see Indian Chiefs when it's convenient for him?

“We are no longer the flavour of the month, the Premier has moved on to further grandiose projects, like the billions of dollars for the Olympics or the Site C dam,” Mr. Phillip said.

Meanwhile Big Biz is busily defending the HST.

One of their brighter spokespersons said, "This petition isn't about the HST. It seems to be about dissatisfaction with the government."



It is entirely about the $$$$$$.

It is about families taxed to the max.

It is about haircuts and bicycles costing more.

Of course, for Mr. Howe Street, a few kopeks here or there will hardly cut into the morning latte. I'm alright, Jack. What me, worry?

That's the trouble with the tailored suit crowd - just a little out of touch.

Zalm's anti-HST campaign may or may not pull of the come-from-behind.

But it certainly clears the nostrils and draws the lines between the haves and have nots, a dichotomy carved out so cleanly by this Premier over recent years.