Monday, July 14, 2008

Victor Scours the Streets, Searching in Vain for a Politician with Character and Substance

We have 2 high profile politicians in BC who gained elected office on the guilt vote. Both are hopelessly over their heads. I'm sorry, we have to confront this.

The first is outgoing Vancouver Mayor, Sam Sullivan. Let's face it. Sam was elected because Vancouverites, under the illusion that the entire world monitors Vancouver politics, wanted to make a statement to the world by electing a silly man in a wheelchair. The world doesn't care.

The other, is of course, Wally Oppal. This is a man who was born here, who was favoured with a wonderful education all the way to law school, but still pimps himself out as an Indo-Canadian, as though he arrived from the Punjab and picked cranberries. The man is as dumb as a sack of hammers. I know a number of real Indo-Canadian people who don't rely on ethnic leverage to succeed.

We have a Merritt Festival in Merritt BC.We need a merit festival in politics.

Simple Pleasures

Cappuccino. A good book. An outside table.

Serious happiness.

Not a disease

A commentor has asked me to explain how drug addiction is a disease.

Let's be clear.

Drug addiction and alcoholism are not diseases.

To call addictons diseases is a comforting convenience for liberal do-gooders, whp don't really understand or want to understand the issues and the mechanics of addictions. They feel that the stigma is thus removed and that doctors can help.

Drug addiction is a condition brought on by repeatedly bad choices. The reasons for these consistently bad choices are complex and, in time, need to be addressed and understood if the addict has any hope of living dope-free.

But it is the addict and other recovering addicts who can help. Medical science has the smallest possible role in recovery.

Dope fiends are stupid and they make lousy choices.

Work with them to help them begin making better choices.

Doctors and nurses will just give them stuff - pills, substitutes, needles, places to shoot up or drink sips.

Addictions are not diseases. They are self-imposed behavior choices.

Par for the Course

It will be interesting to see how the good elected offcials of Rossland, BC handle the situation.

Someone wants to build a gold course on Red Mountain. Good.

Right next to the water resevoir. Not so good.

Three thousand citizens have petitioned against it. Interesting.

Stay tuned.