Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Criminal Justice System - Update

One of those curious coincidences occurred in yesterday's paper.

The Supreme Court ruled that it is OK for police to search suspected criminals for the possession of illegal guns, and the editorial writers at The Sun declared that it's time to get tough on crime.

First the Court.

The Ontario Court of Appeal acquitted two men who had been stopped and searched in the parking lot of a bar in Brampton. The men were found to be in possession of loaded semi-automatics. Police had been called on 911 by someone who witnessed 10 men brandishing guns. The Court of Appeal declared that the men's Charter of Rights had been violated. Ouch!

The Supreme Court in a 9-0 vote overturned that conviction, and in so doing, has given police leave to do their jobs. Justice Rosalie Abella wrote, among other things, that the police were properly trained to respond to "gun calls", potential or other wise, and that nobody's constitutional rights were being offended in such a case.

The whiners of the world immediately saw this a dangerous swing by the Supreme Court toward a more law-and-order approach. WELL, EXCUSE ME....

Now the Sun Editorial.

Noting that there has been an extraordinary rash of break-ins in businesses of late, The Sun has essentially declared war on crime. They point out that most of the offenders are well-known and well-documented. One fellow has 163 charges over the last 20 years. A third of the robberies are committed by those out on parole or probation or bail.

The editorial calls for real sentences that are really enforced. Repeat offenders should not be allowed bail and they should be given longer sentences.

They also call for treatment centres for addicts!!!

Imagine. We've only been screaming for this for 40 years. But now that business has been affected the local thinkers have taken notice. Oh well, whatever it takes.

For years, the editorial writers have been supporting "charm reduction" methods and like certain mayors, encouraging murderous gifts to addicts in the form of "compassionate help."

Is the tide finally, at long last, turning?

Let us pray, brothers & sisters, let us pray.