Thursday, September 25, 2008

Behind Door Three

Mike Howell, staff writer has given us an excellent front cover piece in this Wednesday's edition of The Vancouver Courier.

Our good friend, Victor, has exactly the same reaction to a key element of this story. The foto says it all.

But here is Victor's take:

"If you want to know everything that's wrong with Canadian politics,
please look at page four of today's Courier. There is a picture of a
bus load of Punjabi women being delivered to vote in the Vision
Vancouver nomination meeting. Sadly, the bus is a school bus, an
ironic image speaking volumes.

The greatest disrespect that can be shown immigrants is to use them as
ballot box cattle. This is a technique mastered by the Liberals over
the last 40 years but it is sickening to actually see it documented.

Please spare me the bullshit about participation in the democratic
process. Remember the Punjabi women who died in the crash of that farm
workers bus a while back. Police who interviewed other women working
at the farm reported that they could not recite their addresses and
phone numbers. In either language.

The women that Vision Vancouver herded to the meeting were undoubtedly
on a par. An ethical reporter would have interviewed them on the
aspects of Vision policy that they supported. But that would have been
deemed culturally insensitive. So we pretend and preen in or
multicultural delusions. Disgusting."

There were many reasons that I gave for not running for office. Perhaps I didn't mention or emphasize enough this kind of appalling nonsense passing for democratic process.


97 of 100 Americans has a gub.

31 of 100 Canajuns have a gub.

I'm not feeling smug and safer.

No Country for Real Men

My mind is made up.

You will never convince me that Gordon Campbell's carbon tax has ANY merit.

Tell me that transit will be seriously improved to the point where I can safely and efficiently catch a conveyance and I'll leave the little put-put in the garage.

Tell me that SUV's will be outlawed.

Tell me that every polluting industry will be ordered by law to cut emissions by 25%.

Tell me I can buy an electric car that is allowed to run on the streets of Vancouver.

But the carbon tax scam is ALL smoke and mirrors.

And this latest back-tread by the Preem to accommodate local municipalities is simply more pea-and-shell game.

Do not take this nonsense seriously. Do not pay it heed.

This is exactly the same silver bullet "thinking" that brought you the Community Court and safe injection sites and on into the night...


What is the scariest thing about The Bailout?

The fact that George W. Bush is the point man.

Because now we should believe him?

I defy anyone to really understand this atrocious mess, other than in the obvious generalities - greed, venality, corruption, dereg, greed, did I mention greed?

But having the Worst President in History 'splainin' stuff to the 'merican people...?

When will it be safe to watch the TV again?


A 23-year-old Abbotsford resident was hit at 1 a.m while talking on her cell phone and sitting on the train tracks near the pier at the 15000 block of Marine Drive in White Rock.


Last week, a woman came within inches of taking out my son and I as we attempted to cross a street. The woman barrelled at top speed through a traffic circle while texting.

There is no question that somewhere out there is a Higher Power.

How else to explain the survival of the endless list of effing eejits who cross the street in the middle of the block with their backs turned to oncoming traffic?

The cyclists who don't wear helmets but listen to tunes whilst maneuvering busy streets, when but a few feet away are perfectly good and safe bike paths?

The only people in the known civilized world - Vancouverites - who drive left around traffic circles because it suits them?

The geniuses who sit on train tracks, listening to their MP3's and live to tell the tale?

The Lord is merciful.

Or a really, really Big Joker...