Monday, October 20, 2008


Mysteriously, inexplicably, the local transit system, hated and feared by all who use it regularly, keeps winning international awards.

Clearly the juries who give out these prizes have not been talking to the drivers.

"The overcrowding, the delays, the pass-ups, the inadequate service. It's gone on for years."

This a quote from the local union president, Don MacLeod, calling for many, many more buses.

Will Transclunk or Coast Mountain Bus or whoever is claiming to run the show these days hear this plea?

Or will people trying to get home from a day's work still wait for 30 minutes in the cold and dark and rain?

Janis to Stephane

Bye, Bye, Baby Bye, Bye

It is likely - and to be hoped - that Stephane Dion steps down today.

Not that there are so many shining lights waiting in the wings. But surely, Dion was one of the weakest leaders the Liberal party have ever put forward.

Dan Gardner, writing in today's Sun, has an interesting analysis that is worth the read.

I don't know that I will ever be persuaded that carbon taxes make any sense, but Gardner makes a good argument for the idea and how Dion missed his main chance.