Saturday, September 6, 2008

My Friday Province Column

will appear in the paper on Monday.

Don't even ask...

The many Scams of Methadone Exposed

Mark Hasiuk, writing in the Vancouver Courier, has been proving himself in recent months to be one of Vancouver's best journalists.

In this weekend's cover story - "Juiced Up" - he has shown once again why he is so worth reading.

This must-read is all about methadone and it is thorough and bang-on.

You thought you knew something about this scourge. Well, read this and then you'll really understand.

Here's Lookin' in Yer Cup, Mate

Now that the LPGA, bowing to waves of criticism, has backed off its deeply offensive directive that only English speaking lady golfers may play with them, perhaps it's time for the Vancouver Golf Club in sunny, downtown Coquitlam to drag itself screaming into the 19th Century.

Read the LPGA story, as covered bu this morning's NY Times, here.