Sunday, March 23, 2008


Jasper, the wizard who manages my website, has added 10 old fotos from my ridiculous, but very fun, acting career.

You can find them at:, Acting Gallries #1 & 2.
The top is Harry Da Horse in "Guys and Dolls," the other is Conrad Birdie in "Bye Bye Birdie."

And in the red corner...

A wonderful argument had broken out in a post made here yesterday about one of my all time favorite groups, the BC Teachers' Federation.

The comments are worth price of admission alone.

Bula Blogged and it feels good...


I've been Bula Blogged...

Sun City Hall Cover Lady has written a very funny piece on her blog about how I might or might not run for city council in November.

Demonstrating my relentless solipsism, I added a comment on her blog and added her blog to my list in the right hand column.

Ain't life just a big cyber party?

Big Pharma Outdoes Itself

Big Pharma continues its steady march up the ladder of infamy.

The latest story involves a company that only charges $300,000 a year for its product. Nice.

This in spite of the fact that "the federal government did much of the scientific work that led to development of the drug and provided contract money that got the company started."

The gruesome story is here.

Trane & Johnny Hartman

Cheney & Iran - God Save Us

This frightening little piece from The Real News includes a video of Mr. Evil, Dick "I Never Met a man or Woman I couldn't Sneer at" Cheney telling us about how he and bush are going to save the world.

The story is headlined, "Dick Cheney tour sparks Iran war rumors," and you can read and watch it here.