Saturday, April 9, 2011


THING ONE - Best pre-election promise by a candidate: Harper says he would require bureaucrats to eliminate a regulation for everyone they propose.

Let's go him one or two better.

How about they are required to eliminate seven regulations for every new one proposed.

Or, they are required to eliminate seven bureaucratic jobs for every new reg proposed.

THING TWO - Kash Heed has been cleared again. That's fine with me; no argument. But what has been on my mind for a while now is this.

I've been thinking that Kash Heed took the offer to leave his job of West Vancouver's Police Chief to run for BC political office, so that he could be appointed Solicitor-General, all of which happened.

But he did all of that for one sole purpose - to create and institute A British Columbia Police Force with him as the Top Cop.
This would be his revenge for not getting the job of Vancouver Police Chief.


Am I dreaming? Am I making this all up out of whole cloth? Is it likely or possible?

Does anyone agree?

Will this fantasy, in time, cme to pass?

THING THREE - "Worst Headline of the Year" Award:

Killer teens never got the help they needed

No such "help" exists.

This headline should not have been printed because it is false, misleading and flat ignorant of any known realities.

Psychopaths cannot be cured.

When you find a "cured" one, lock up the team of psychiatrists who are claiming this world first.