Friday, January 25, 2008

Carrying Dope Into a Prison is a RIGHT

Let's see if we understand this correctly.

A Matsqui prison guard spots a baby stroller testing positive for cocaine. The stroller belongs to a baby and its wonderful, caring mother, who are smuggling dope into the joint for their wonderful caring father and husband.

The guard alerts the Children's Ministry - who we all know are the paragon of responsibility - of the situation.

Is he given a medal, a badge of honor or courage, a civic citation for protecting children and the public?


He is was threatened with discipline by the prison authorities for BREACHING THE PRISONER'S PRIVACY!!!

So this is what civil liberties have brought us?

Jails now have more drugs per square inch than any street corner at Main and Hastings because we must respect the privacies of prison inmates, including, apparently, their god-given right to possess, use and sell illegal narcotics.

In a similar case, at the same perfectly run Nut House, another woman arrived twice with a baby and the two sweet things tested positive for coke, meth, smack and THC.

Last year, in Quebec a loving, caring mom and her 6 week old baby were found visiting a prison carrying 32 ounces of heroin...on the baby, of course.

I suppose if the baby could talk, he/she could say, "Hey, I didn't know that shit was in here!"

This, by the way, is an excellent picture of dope fiends.

The same, caring scum that the Mayor wants to give drugs to and everyone else wants to "help" with free needles and clean places to shoot.

Our society has flipped.

We are a turtle lying on its back.

Psychiatry is the Scourge of the Crimianl Justice System

The Province's cover story tell us just about all we need to know about how psychiatry is eating away at our criminal justice system.

A father stabs his teen-age daughter to death because he hears voices from God.

Of course, he is found unfit to stand trial.

The shrinks have 45 days to decide what we, the community, should do with him.

The defense lawyer says Daddy Daughter Killer will "require prolonged treatment and that will be in a secure institution."

First, show me the secure institution. Where is this exactly?

And second, is he just being cute when he speaks of "prolonged treatment?"

Does that hold out the delightful possibility that one day his handlers will declare that he is "cured" and is no longer a risk? I suppose if he's run out of daughters to kill, that would make him a good risk.

Rita Hayworth - Put The Blame On Mame

That's Glenn Ford panting in the crowd...from "Gilda," of course...

Where Can I see the Best Flicks?

Movie lovers take note. All 7 movies playing at Leonard Scheins 3 Festival Cinemas locations - the Fifth Avenue, the Ridge and the Park - are Oscar nominated.

Fred Astaire And Rita Hayworth --