Saturday, June 30, 2007


I've been thinking about the recently announced fare hikes for Transclunk.

And I'm also thinking about everybody's favorite hobby horse these days ' "sustainability." Or is it just - Stain-ability?

So how does Malcolm Brodie, who has never ridden a bus in his life, reconcile the larger issue of trying to get more cars off the road and more riders in public transit with raising the fares?

Answer: He doesn't. Malcolm isn't much of a thinker.

Shouldn't we be LOWERING THE FARES?

No Consequences

A woman calls 911 and tells the police officer that her nephew has slashed his wrists.

The police officer doesn't take this very seriously. His partner makes dark jokes.

The ambulance arrives after ONE HOUR. The man dies.

The delaying officer is suspended for THREE DAYS without pay. Huh?

The other fool has to write an essay!!!

Are we a serious community?

Here's another exapmple of this magificent baritone bringing new life to Rogers and Hammerstein.

How to Handle a Woman

Terfel is one of the greatest voices of our generation. He is most often singing opera, but he has proven again and agin that he is a master of the Broadway show tune. Here's the Richard Burton/King's song from Camelot.