Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Pam's School Rant Sets off a Small Firestorm

Pam's ramble about the school system posted here yesterday has clearly touched a nerve or twenty.

We have had a wide range of comments from the helpful and anecdotal to the downright enraged and rude.

Have a look.


My apologies. I have found myself running way behind the clock this morning.

So for the stories on the federal Government's new crime bill, hydro rates, Mulroney finally figuring out that taking $100,000 in cash wasn't a great idea, weapons routinely seized at the Air India trial and Warren Jeffs about to become some biker's'll have to write your own jokes.

Have a swellegant day!

Stem Cell Breakthrough

Much of what is taken for granted as routine in medicine these days is truly the stuff of 20th Century science fiction.

Regeneration of human organs from stem cells will change human life at astonishing, now unimaginable ways.

Yesterday's announcement is historic.

Just stand back and shake your head in wonder.

Monsieur Flip Flop, John Really Lessssss

B.C. Solicitor-General, John Les-is-Even-Less, is now officially Senor Flip Flop.

First he rags on West Vancouver Chief of Police Kash Heed for suggesting we might begin a conversation about a regional police force. FF goes so far as to call Heed's boss, the Mayor of West Van and register an official kvetch and whine.

Which he swiftly reverses and opines that maybe a regional police force is not a bad idea after all.

Did he ever apologize to Kash Heed? Not that we know.

Now he refuses to apologize for the deadly bad behaviour of 4 rookie thug cops who murder a man at YVR, and then - presto chango! - he apologizes after all...or after about ten minutes.

It's amazing that Mr. Les can change his mind so readily, because that assumes one has a mind to change.

And this says WHAT about our Premier and his wise choices in personnel or his concern about matters of the law?