Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Come OFF the Bench, Y'r Honor, and Try Reality

In the case cited in the post below (College Continues in Darkness), Dr. Mark Walter Stewart faced 78 counts of sexual assault.

B.C. Supreme Court Justice Catherine Bruce has declared that ""In my view, the petitioner [Dr. Sex Fiend] is not the type of person Parliament had in mind when it created the Sex Offender Information Registry Act."

This is an interesting comment from a Justice.

What type of person DID Parliament have in mind, You Honour?

Someone who is charged with 79 counts?

Dr. Sex Fiend still denies any culpability and continues to insist that all 64 of the women he assaulted "misinterpreted" his behaviour.

I'm sure that all the women of B.C. feel so much safer with Justice Catherine Bruce on the bench.

Doctors' College gets to Continue in Darkness

BC College of Physicians & Surgeons can breathe easier. But we have been robbed as a citizenry of learning more about the arcane workings of this cabal.

Twenty-two women courageously sued the College for its alleged failure to protect them from the sexual assaults of a Doctor.

Unfortunately, the women have now accepted an out of court settlement, which allows the College to continue to operate in the shadows, often protecting their own at public expense.

The good news is that, when this case first arose some years ago, the College attempted to have it squashed, claiming it (the College) had no legal duty to the care of patients of its members.

The court disagreed and that was what allowed the case to continue.

Now, if we can only get someone to sue Corrections Canada and the National Parole Board for so many of its dreadful, often lethal, bad decisions.

The Runaway Co$t$ of City Hall

Don Cayo rightly reveals the ugly numbers at City Hall:

Vancouver spends $137 per taxpayer each year compared to Surrey's $40 in the cost of general government; $20 in policing compared to $200 in Surrey, Burnaby & Coquitlam; $108 in planning & development compared to less than $50 in Surrey, Burnaby, Richmond & Coquitlam.

He then goes on to point out (blame?) the high cost of unionized workers.

Good info - bad conclusion.

The high cost of City Government is all about very highly paid middle management sitting in meetings all day gabbing about nothing. Like all institutions, City hall is a self-perpetuating organism that grows daily in exactly inverse proportion to any use or common sense. We have entire departments that are questionable in their very existence. We are convinced that we must do everything for everybody.

So far, what that kind of thinking has achieved is bloated non-governance and over-taxed citizens.