Thursday, September 13, 2007

Ignorance at the Eidtorial level is No Excuse

The editorial in today's Sun regarding Canadians in foreign prisons is so uninformed, so comically wrong that I actually started to laugh out loud.

Harper and Day have said that they are not quick to bring Canadians jailbirds back to Canada to serve their sentences.

Listen to the Sun's outrageously ignorant argument:

"If they're transferred to Canada, they'll receive the benefit of programming, and be subject to gradual and structured release, under the watchful eye of parole officers...."


The benefit of programming? In Canadian prisons? WHAT programs are these? Where are they? Do they work? Answer, of course is there are almost no programs and the few that exist are there only to keep the most dangerous among us off the streets - namely, psychiatrists.

Now for the supervision under the watchful eye of parole officers...HAHAHA...

Two weeks ago, a violent parolee who lives directly across the street from me, attacked with no provocation, other than that he was high on drugs and booze and had nothing else to do that night, a teenage boy, smashed all the kid's teeth with a rock and sent him to the hospital.

Four police cars "attended."

The psycho asshole parolee - no doubt, under some genius' watchful eye all the while - was taken downtown and then released.

Has his parole been revoked for what is an obvious violation of his parole conditions?

Of course not.

The editorial literally does not know what it is talking about.

Prisons have very few programs. Programs do not work in prisons. You know why? BECAUSE THEY'RE IN PRISONS.

And every day in this country, some lovely human waste called a parolee kills, rapes or maims a citizen while under the watchful eye of some sad sack parole officer who spends 98% of his day in his cubicle filling out false reports.

Nose Counting, Nose Picking: What's the Difference?

How much does the census cost us?

And what do we get for our dollar?

The answers are these: A lot, millions, who knows. And, not much, damn little, warmed over folk tales.

Who didn't know that there is every kind of "family" these days? Truth is, there always was.

All those years that saps were eating up "Father knows best," the neighbourhood was filled with single parents, blended families, bachelors and old maids, gay couples, menages and who knows what other arrangement human beings have been concocting since we crossed the dessert and moved into town.

So many people get depressed at Christmas. They are lonely. They see the beer commercial with the Clydesdales dashing through he snow past the lovely cottage in the woods with the fire from the hearth within glowing.

Get a life! This is a beer commercial! It is fiction.

Where I grew up in the north end of Winnipeg, a so-called "normal" family was a science exhibit.

Remember the war? Half the dads and uncles had been killed. And the ones who came back were alcoholics.

The Quiet Crimes of the Olympics

It's amazing how casually we treat public money these days. The spending of it in huge gobs in not only not news, it is buried in the back pages as an afterthought.

We have only ourselves to lame for this indolence.

Today, there was a small item on page B2 of the Sun headlined "City plans Olympic live sites."

This extravagance will cost a mere $23 Million dollars. $5 Million will come from city tax payers.

Well, guess what, folks?

I don't want to pay for that. And nobody asked me if I wanted to pay for that.

Does anyone remember "democracy?"

The rest of the $23 Million will come from federal government and corporate rentals.

Well, how much from the federal government? And isn't that your money and my money too?

We have abandoned our commitment to governance and we have allowed the bureaucrats and thieves to spend our money with casual disregard.