Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Candy-Date, Episode Two

Now that I am looking at a foto of Kerry Jang, Vision Candidate, I realize that I saw him again at our second mayoral debate on October 29th.

He appeared at about 7, a half hour before the debate began, looking somewhat lost.

I thought he was the same man who had stared and glared at me so threateningly the last time out, but I decided to choose kindness and emppathy, and I greeted him warmly.

He pretended not to know who I was.

I asked, "Aren't you with the Vision team?"

He said, "No."

I indicated that Vision had a table in the hallway if he wanted to chat with them before the debate.

He drifted over in that direction and I never really noticed him again for the rest of the evening.

But think about this.

One night he is attacking me verbally and staring at me maniacally and is completely in 5th gear.

28 days later, he is pretending to be anonymous and not who he is and hiding in the shadows.

This is a Professor of Psychiatry, a member of the Federal Mental Health Commission, and a candidate for Vancouver City Council?

Protect us, Oh Ye Who Guides the Stars.


The Jang photo is taken by Linda Solomon, the sister of Joel Solomon, who is featured in the Robertson story (that will appear tomorrow morning) above.

My Province Column

is no more...

Last week, I received a very warm and gracious call from Province newspaper Editor-in-chief - Wayne Moriarty.

He explained that times were tough and the paper was cutting back everywhere and that included visiting columnists.

Moriarity took great pains to assure me that this was not a reflection of the work, which they liked very much.

We agreed that from time to time, as the spirit may move me, I will pitch an idea or two, which, from time to time, they will buy.

All of which is O.K. by me.

From Victor - We are Not Alone

For those who wonder how bad it can get for cities under the thrall of incompetent politicians who think the can play with the Wall St. boys, here's a quick tale of Birmingham Alabama. It is bankrupt to the tune of $3.2 billion, for a new sewer system,designed to serve a mere 146,000 people. It was initially estimated to cost $250 million. It bumped to $1.2 billion. Then the geniuses who run the city council went to Wall St. hedge fund firms. The debt soon ballooned to $3.2 billion, for a sewer system intended to serve a city the size of Victoria.

But Alabama doesn't brush over these things. So far there are 21 convictions for this scam. More to come. The whole story is in the October 27th issue of Fortune magazine, which is probably read by 4 people in left wing Vancouver. Worth a read. It could happen to us, unless of course we think we're smarter than the folks in Birmingham. That would be a tad elitist, wouldn't it.