Monday, December 17, 2007

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No blog on Tuesday and Wednesday. Blogger indisposed.

Back on Thursday with really, really BIG BLOG !

Super Bowl Preview

It's official. There are now 3 and 1/2 Super Bowl teams.

Oh sure, if you live in Atlanta or Minnesota and you have absolutely nothing else to do, you might want to watch a game or even check up on the Kansas City Chiefs.

But let's be honest.

There are the New England Patriots (14-0!), the Colts, the Cowboys and the half known as the Green Bay Favres.

In what was supposed to be a new era of parity, we have a new era of party.

I have been following the NFL since - when? - about 1968, and this is the first year I cannot bring myself to watch any game without one these 4 teams on the field. The Ravings? The Jaguars? Gimme a break.

And while we're on the subject...

Did you catch Tiger on the weekend? None of the other players did. What a pleasure to be witness to this greatness.

A Might Wind

That great sucking sound you've been hearing recently is the Olympics dragging the life out of practically everything else.

Today, the Sun happily features the silly saps who are already volunteering for 2010. How about volunteering for the aged, the young, the homeless, the impoverished? You dopes.

And now we learn that the Justice Institute folks who get police officers ready for work all over the province will be too busy for the next little while to do just that.


Because they are training cops for 2010. Lovely. Victoria, among other places, will not have the police recruits it needs thanks to this re-alignment of priorities.

Mildew Spots The Force

Mildew awakens from his slumber and notices that the RCMP is in trouble. Brilliant.

Meanwhile...The Force shoots itself in the foot once again.

A local Mountie, with an already questionable record, has been cannibalizing the cop data bases to settle his love problems.

For this he gets clipped 5 days pay.

When will the RCMP begin to regain integrity and dignity? When will they honor themselves by being tough with their own who disgrace the uniform?

Ask for more, for better. Set a higher standard.

Dan Fogelberg - Same Old Lang Syne