Thursday, February 8, 2007



The world is not flat, and...wait for it...BLOGGING HAS JUST BEGUN!!!

News emerges today from that centre of all things modern, Lausanne, Switzerland, (Perhaps the mountain trails have been impassable these last several years.), that Olympic athletes may be allowed to blog for the first time at the 2008 summer games to be held in Beijing.

The IOC in their ever-forward momentum is considering this revolution in personal freedoms. At the moment, athletes and others (coaches and similar sweaty riff-raff) are barred from pretending toward journalism. The apparent reasoning - if reasoning is what it can be called - is the protection of "accredited media."


As we write, there are approximately 2,000,000 bloggers alive and posting. Those numbers increase geometrically overnight.

Almost everyone I know turns daily to the net for alternates to the abandoned franchises of "accredited media." The mainstream press has by and large lost its way in committees, polls and double entry bookkeeping. Instinct and street smarts are unknown in the boardrooms of CBS and Corus and Time-Warner.

The IOC has offered that athletes might be allowed to blog the 2008 Summer Games as long as they don't use photos, video or audio.

Perhaps the IOC - trapped as they are by the winter snows in the Chocolate and Cuckoo Clock Factory high in the Alps - has failed to notice that Google just bought YouTube for $1.2Billion. YouTube is a kind of visual community blog.

The net and blogging and whatever comes tomorrow morning is The Tsunami of Modern Communications. Get it or fall behind.

The Olympics folk are still hanging about the agora in Athens waiting for the lemon stand to open.


More than 17% of 2000 Canadians recently polled "said they would not want a gay person living next door."


What exactly is the nature of this fear? Your nose will fall off? The trees will no longer bear...may I say it, fruit? Icicles will become permanent colors yet? Your sons and daughters will switch teams? Your husband will? Your husband HAS?
Dear 17 percenters: Try to get a life.