Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Motion Demoted

To all who voted against the following Motion - you are all out of order.

We would remind Sam and Peter particularly, that the RAV/Canada Line was approved BY THEM in the previous council, under some specific conditions that have not been met. Firstly, what was conditionally approved was a bored tunnel project, and secondly, adequate mitigation was to be provided to the community and businesses.

There has been a betrayal of the public trust.

It's interesting to hear Peter state how different he is from Mayor Sam , yet votes lock-step with him on every issue. They have both offered hollow words of assurance to the Broadway businesses that they will not suffer the same fate as we are enduring. Yet, this is just political spin when the ultimate construction decisions rest with the unaccountable Transink dictatorship. Also noted is BC Lee voting against this motion, all the while expressing to the Asian community along Cambie that he is very concerned, and working on our behalf.

Working on our behalf means stepping in to see that justice and compensation actually happens, and hopefully out of court.

We have endured unprecedented hardship for the past 2 years that was entirely preventable. Shame on you NPA Councillors, for turning your backs on all the small businesses, and watching us drown in debt.

It's time to make this right with immediate financial relief. Our hard earned dollars are bursting from the Provincial tax surplus - we would like it back, so we can continue with our livelihoods.

On behalf of thousands of voters along the Canada Line,
Susan Heyes

Motion: Redress for Merchants Affected by Canada Line Construction
Mover : Councillor George ChowSeconder:
WHEREAS Mayor Sullivan and Clr Ladner have expressed concerns publicly about the negative impacts on businesses and residents arising from the cut-and-cover method of construction; and

WHEREAS the method and schedule of construction on the Canada Line have not proceeded as initially described, particularly along Cambie Street where the cut-and-cover mehod of construction was used; and

WHEREAS the construction has caused severe financial hardship on businesses along the line due to uncertainty and duration of street closure and limited access, as well as dust, noise, and parking problems;

THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED THAT: Vancouver City Council support the merchants in their negotiations with TransLink for proper redress for the damages suffered by them during the construction of the Canada Line.


Constable Todd Sweet may or may not have an "anger management" problem.

And the parents of a dead teenager are understandably upset about losing their son.

But let me see if this picture is clear.

The young man who was killed was a passanger in a stolen SUV that had led police through a chase and then rammed a police roadbloack.

Here is a portion of the Sun's report this morning:

"Sweet's lawyer, David Butcher, agreed, arguing Sweet fired the fatal shot, but the person responsible was Ian Campbell, the 18-year-old driver of the stolen sport utility vehicle that ran a police roadblock and, when blocked by police vehicles after a short chase, rammed the police car containing Sweet and his partner.

He said Sweet, after his car was pushed 20 metres by Campbell's ramming, got out of the car, aimed at Campbell and ordered him to show his hands. Instead, Campbell again rammed the police car.

Sweet fired three shots at the SUV, hitting Campbell in the hand and killing Tait, who was in the front passenger seat.

Butcher read portions of the trial judge's findings in the trial of Campbell, who was sentenced to six years in prison."

It's strange how terrible things can happen when you steal a car and fight with armed police.