Friday, January 2, 2009

Tacoma Glass

Get Out

"This government has lost the capacity to govern because a shadow government has taken over. The narco-mafia state is now completely consolidated."

ASHRAF GHANI, a former Afghan finance minister, on corruption there.

This quote from the NY Times begs the question once again and once again, "Why are Canadian soldiers dying in this sinkhole?"

If I hear one more fake politician blather on about "the honorable" thing, I will puke.

Politicians have been throwing out that line of crap since the first caveman heaved the first rock at the first "other" caveman.

You think you've seen winter?

Alex Tsakumis, writing in this morning's 24 Hours newspaper has captured nicely the trashy little lowlights from Monday's NPA stabbing in the forum.

Read it here.

A friend, who lives in Dunbar, spoke eloquently the other day about how the party had managed in recent months to alienate their own best supporters by not listening to a word.

Which leaves us here in Vancouver with a Vision-dominated City Council, not a recipe for good government.

The council should be a healthy mix of different views and approaches. It is now a doctrinaire love fest.

May some party or other rise from the vacuum and the ashes in the coming months to present some variety for the voters 3 long years from now.

And some quality wouldn't hurt either.

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