Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Bravissimo! And pass the dice...

The President and CEO of the BC Lottery Corporation is Vic Poleschuk.

The Corporation is under serious fire for mismanagement, since it's been revealed that ticket sellers win more often and more money than you and I.

Mr. P. will not resign.

Mr. P.was recently awarded the "lifetime achievement" award by the Public Gaming Research Institute, an entity which magically resists being Googled. In other words, where and what is it exactly? Something Vic's mom made up in the back yard next to the lemonade stand?

Great Scott

We're keeping our Scott Young survey up for another day or two.

First, the good mayor of Port Coquitlam is now about to "finish off" his miraculous 45 day rehab. Get him into Ripley's asap.

Second, one respondant to our survey, added in the "other" category, that the good mayor is now "The Queen of De Nile."

More! More!

Etta, Chaka and Gladys - Ain't Nobody Business

Not to mention B.B. King, with whom I once spent about 3 hours for an interview in a North vancouver Hotel room. There was one amazing guy!