Monday, April 13, 2009


Did you know that the Police Chiefs of this country are beholden to the Taser manufacturers?

And therefore, we cannot believe a single word the police chiefs ever say about tasers.

Did you know that?

I didn't until I read the editorial in this morning's Globe, which reveals the gift of $75,000 from Taser International to Canadian Police Chiefs' Association.

Of course, the Chiefs have declared no concerns at all about the use of Tasers, in spite of the 20 deaths in less than five years.

Clear conflict of interest. Clear corruption.

The Winner! And Still Full of it

Look at this picture.

Look at it long and hard.

Get used to it. (Is that bottle of water in his pocket???)

You will be seeing a great many more of these pictures everywhere you turn.

Not only until May 12th, but long after.

Mr. Campbell will win his third term as Premier of the Province of British Columbia.

Carole James may win a few more seats, goodness knows, but that's it, kids.

And let me make a dreadful, small-minded confession.

I've come to hate the very sight of this fellow.

Especially when he has the chutzpah to pose on or in or near the new Canada Line.

For that project defines for me this man's moral deficiencies.

Built infrastructure - good.

But do it while riding roughshod over hard-working shop owners, causing millions of dollars in lost income and unbearable personal stress?

Campbell has come to represent for me all that is cheesy and single-minded and uncultured and mean-spirited about Vancouver, B.C.

Melbourne beckons.

Going boldly Nowhere

Check out this lead paragraph in the Globe this morning:

OTTAWA — Nearly all key Canadian staff working in Beijing at the Canadian embassy are incapable of reading a morning newspaper or understand the Chinese nightly news, says a former diplomat who was posted there twice and recently published an in-depth review of Canada's China policy.

Not only is it hysterically funny, but also it is grammatically incorrect.

It should say..."incapable of reading or understanding..."

Of course, that is minor quibbling. When did we ever claim we were above that?

The story itself tells it all.

This, of course, is exactly what the American mission in Iraq has been doing for years - hundreds of highly paid dunderheads, cowering in their ignorance in the Yankee compound.

It is the classic colonial mode of never truly interacting with the local population, except of course to fuck their women and make uncared for illegal babies.

The fact that never-ran-a-Popsicle-stand Stockwell Day is our federal Trade Minister should be just about all you need to know about how well we are doing.

Jet skiing on the Yangtze?