Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Can Girls be Violent?


Girl cuffed etc. in police cell.

Perhaps at first hysterical glance this appears to be an obvious case of "police brutality."

Perhaps we weren't there.

Perhaps you have never been in the presence of a drunk and violent teenager.
William Glasser, the author of the ground-breaking work, "Reality Therapy," pointed out 40 years ago that the first thing you have to do with an out-of-control person is stop him.
Of course, today in a society soft of belly and brain matter, a society dedicated to the proposition that anything I do is OK, such notions as restraint seem quaint,

Why is this girl suing the police 3 years later?

Perhaps this was a really, really slow news day.


80,000 Olympic plates sold.


The moment you get this impulse to waste $60, please call me and I'll give you a list of worthy charities.

Short story

A man drinks all night at a Victoria pub. The staff don't stop servng him, but they try to encourage him not to drive home. They warn him that they will call in his license number to the police. He drives, he crshes into a wall. He's dead.

The good part of this story is that he didn't kill anyone else.

$450/Hour? One born every minute

A rare kudo to the BC Law Society.

Usually protective to a fault, like all other so-called "professional" bodies, the Society is investigating massive over billing by Liberal Senator Mobina Jaffer and her son.

This raises among other questions why do we have a Senate? How does Jaffer qualify? What earnings are Senators allowed outside of their heavy, serious Red Chamber duties?

End the Free Rides

Guest Editorialist, John Martin, writes very well in the Province today what many of us have been hollaring for years. No more Statuatory Release for prisoners. You want parole? Earn it, the old fashioned way. Whatever that may be.

Read this first-rate piece here.