Saturday, August 4, 2007

Commenter Turns Us On the the Real World

Imagine a politician doing this in Canada.

Bravo Councilman Michael Polensek of Cleveland!

Simon and Garfunkel- America

Dopers Sign In Here and Get the Best Table

It's hard to believe sometimes what you read in the morning news.

In the USA (and Canada), where Big Pharma bribes your family doctor every day with BILLIONS of dollars, where one sickening child shrink was paid over $180,000 by a drug company while he prescribed dope for kids, in that environment, a genius Republican has proposed...wait for it...that these companies REGISTER somewhere.

So, let's see if I can get this right?

Signing in at the front desk to the private club of legal dope pushing is somehow a better idea than making the practice illegal???
The entire detestable story can be read here.

Quote of the Week - The Actor's Baby Talk

"I didn't have to change anything."

Not even a diaper, presumably.

The last people you ever want to hear talk about parenting are actors, actresses and other so-called "celebrities." The gush is typically torrential and unbearable.

In this case, local actress Ellie Harvey talks about adding her recently adopted son to her schedule. "Simon fit perfectly into my life. I didn't have to change anything."

As anyone who has ever had children knows full well, the arrival a child - or any other significant person - in your life changes everything. How could it not.? It is a basic law of physics, let alone social dynamics.

Of course, as well also know, once you reach a certain level of stardom, none of the usual rules apply to special, blessed you.

Guest Blogger John on Criminal Justice in Canada

Hi David,

Once again this doesn't really apply to boxter boy, but its a similar subject:

Darcy Lance Jones - remember this name.

He is the creep that beat and robbed the elderly man that had been giving him $5 each day on his way out of Holy Rosary Cathedral after morning mass.Jones was arrested at the corner of Pender and Richards Streets on Friday morning.

Of special note: although he had barely moved two blocks from the crime scene Vancouver’s finest were unable to locate him. A private security guard called it in. VPD promptly called a huge press conference to take credit for the take-down.Darcy Lance Jones is due to appear next Friday in Vancouver Provincial Court. He is remanded until his appearance at that time.

Offenders that are convicted are given double credit for time in jail while waiting for their verdict. For this reason while they are in remand they usually seek adjournments for as long as they can to reduce or eliminate their eventual jail time after sentencing. This is known in the justice system (colloquially) as "running down the clock".

Although Jones is a well known "chronic offender" he will most likely receive a conditional sentence. Because he will have “run down the clock” you can expect him to be sentenced to time served, or perhaps a few more days at most. His conditions will probably be as follows: - Keep the peace.- Not be in the block of Dunsmuir Street where he attacked the elderly man. - Have no contact with his victim.If he is able to meet these conditions for somewhere between 6 months and 1 year his record will be expunged of this offence.

Welcome to justice as it is known in the BC Provincial Court.