Friday, July 27, 2012



1. "If the legislative assembly were a public company, it would be delisted."

The Auditor-General's scathing report on the Provincial Legislature's utter inability to keep records of spending tax dollars is more than embarrassing. It's infuriating. 

One of the favorite past times of legislators, politicians and bureaucrats is telling non-profit charities that they must be more responsible and keep better books. In short, they are regularly demanding that people involved on a daily basis with the poor, the addicted, the underprivileged and the dis-empowered should also be CPA's in their spare time - like such front line workers have spare time.

In spite of challenging work loads, most charitable organizations do a great job of accounting for the way they spend money.

Now let's see what the kettle-calling-everybody-else-black can do about cleaning up their own arrogant mess.

2. Why is Post Media, the parent company of most Canadian dailies, spending its dwindling resources having columnist Christie Blatchford hanging out for ages in a Winnipeg courtroom?

The case is about as tabloid sleazorama as they get. A Manitoba judge and her husband may or may not have propositioned a man into three way sex.


Christie Blatchford is a very good writer.

This piece of trash non-story could have been covered by a Winnipeg Free Press intern.

There are no bigger issues in the Canadian fabric these days?

And they wonder why the old business model is collapsing?

Decisions to go on for days on such trivia and gossip like this don't help.