Monday, December 31, 2007

Front Fell Off


Coming Attractions

In the next few days, my new website will be ready. You will still read the same blog, but it will be relocated.

When the site, which is getting its last minute tune-ups, is put on the web, you will be the first to know.

Tim CHristensen Please Resign

In the past, I have called for the resignation of Tom Christensen, the Minister of Children & Families. I have also written personally to Mr. C. urging him to step down.

Well, try reading this morning's Sun report about the 26 recommendations following the murder of 3 year old Savannah Hall while "in care."

I say, "try reading..." because listening to Minister Christensen's waffling responses to each recommendation not fulfilled will make your blood boil.

THe High Cost of Idiocy

Yesterday, I wrote about the adolescent culture we live in - "Are you part of the REBEL NATION?"

Today we learn that 43 year old father and his 14 year old son had to be rescued from Grouse Mountain after snowboarding OUT OF BOUNDS.

This is a father?

Not only did this idiot cost our community a small fortune to operate the rescue team, but he PUT THE RESCUE TEAM MEMBERS' LIVES AT RISK.

Shouldn't sickening irresponsible juvenile anti-social fools like this be:

a) charged the full and total costs of their rescue;

b) charged with a criminal offense?

And why are their names not revealed?

Shouldn't we be allowed to point at them and yell, "SHAME!" when they come into their local liquor store?

Victor on Inclusiveness

Yesterday, I wrote about a story out of India with a Surrey connection -"Quote of the Day."

Today, Victor's follow-up on the joys of Canadian multi-culturalism:

Today's Province has a front page story about a murder contract allegedly arranged in India under the direction of a guy from Surrey BC. The issue at stake involved a young bride whose father could not put up a satisfactory dowry. Her last name was Kaur. That means princess. Every Sikh girl is named Princess. The perps all had the last name of Singh. That means Lion. Every Sikh guy is named lion. Silly me, but I would think a real "lion" would protect a poor "princess", not murder her for her poverty.

Then there was the delightful New Years fundraiser by the Ethiopian community at a community hall on Fraser. Two people shot. Silly me, I remember when community halls were places for local residents to celebrate weddings, Bar Mitzvahs, graduations, whatever. Not places to settle distant tribal disputes with blazing guns.

Are you feeling inclusive? Should we apologize to somebody? Anybody at all will do. We're Canadian.