Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pea and Shell Games

There is only one thing to remember about the disruption and loss of business along Cambie Street as a result of the Canada Line construction.

Everyone was told that the construction would be done by underground tunneling.


The cut-and-cover method, which has caused all this hardship, was brought in without announcement or provision for the small businesses that would inevitably be affected.

What callous disregard for citizens!

When I see the smiling politicians beaming at the cameras on ribbon-cutting day, I will kick the cat. If I have a cat. Which I wont. Maybe I'll kick the sofa.

Air India

Two Air India witnesses have already been assassinated. Now 2 more refuse to testify because we cannot protect them.

This case continues to be a disgrace.

Fatal Arguments

Is "I mean what I say," the same as "I say what I mean?"

If all sparrows are birds, does that mean that all birds are sparrows?

When is a raven like a writing desk?

At least two of these questions come from Alice in Wonderland. Or is it Alice through the Looking Glass?

Does "I support the troops," mean the same as "I support the war?"

Absolutely not.

But politicians of all stripes use this confusion to their temporary and specious advantage, and citizens regularly confuse the two arguments.

Of course, every Canadian can and should be proud of Canadian soldiers doing their jobs as best they can in Afghanistan. Why do we have to keep reiterating that this should go without saying?

But that doesn't in any way mean that we condone or approve of or agree with sending Canadian soldiers to Afghanistan in the first place. Nor do we think our men and women should remain there another day.

The country is a narcotic economy run by thugs and crooks and serious evil-doers.

What will a handful of sacrificing, sacrificed Canadian soldiers do there? Bother the Taliban? I think not.

To truly honour the Canadian military, bring them home for a rest. Then is need be send them to some theatre where they can actually help and win. Remember winning?