Wednesday, July 6, 2011


The BC Teachers Federation continues to reach out from somewhere on that hitherto unknown planet they inhabit.

Their most recent kvetch includes demands for 10 days bereavement leave for the death of a friend, 26 weeks of paid compassionate leave and two sick days a month that can be saved up.

Oh, did we mention the 22% increase in wages?

They are completely mad, totally irresponsible and, at core, very much like the entitled children entrusted in their care most week days - about whom, by the way, they care not a whit.

I am in general sympathetic to and often downright supportive of unions.

But these thoughtless folks are the game-changers.

I have learned first hand over the years that large numbers of their own membership are embarrassed and horrified by this union and further, that they are sufficiently cowed by the activists at the top to remain ever silent.


And pity all of us the adversarial atmosphere that has held strong these many, many years between teachers and government.

Who knows? Maybe someday in our wildest dreams, the BCTF will grow out of its jumpers and diapers and sun-flowered shirts and make the occasional real deal.

Union Prez, Susan Lambert, is pictured above.