Tuesday, February 8, 2011


There is not much in public life that gets my approval.

But I am delighted to see the city fining people who cut down trees by the bushel, even trees in their own yard.

I understand a little trim here and there.

But I am at a complete loss to fathom why anyone would cut down big and beautiful and healthy trees in an urban area.

My friend Geoff lives on a small acreage on Salt Spring Island. The log house he and his family built with their own hands almost 40 years ago backs onto a bit of a forest. The air is magnificent. You can sense in every way the bounty of oxygen, and you are reminded how different is the air in town.

Today's story is about folks on Southwest Marine Drive performing what amounts to a massive clear cut just after being told by the city to stop.

I suppose when you live on SW Marine Drive you have the understandable illusion that you are above the ordinary rules.

Here is something that is even more puzzling.

Why are most of the city tree-cutters recent arrivals from China and India?

You would think that in countries where millions are crowded into cities a new environment with greenery abundant would be cherished.

Apparently not.


Marvelous op-ed in the Sun this morning by Rob Macdonald, CEO of Macdonald Development Corp. Macdonald is an avid cyclist and financially supports cycling events in Vancouver.

Yet he quite rightly and ripely tears into the stupidity of the Dunsmuir & Hornby Street bike lanes.