Monday, July 27, 2009

Hunker Down Kids..The Worst is Yet to Come

Oh, no.

Please, say it isn't so.

Bicycle lanes on every bridge in the province.

Badly run homeless shelters on every street corner.

Such is the future if today's political guessing game comes to life - Vision B.C.


True, the provincial NDP has gone nowhere and is going nowhere, and while Carole James may be a fine person, she clearly cannot lead the party out of the wilderness and into the honey pot of power.

True also that the provincial Liberal party under the inspired leadership of Gordon Campbell (hahaha...) has enraged at least half the voters, who unfortunately are too stupid and selfish to bother voting, thinking that kvetching over their double doubles will bring change.

But Vision B.C.?

Mr. Smiley Simplepants as Premier?


Was this the plan from the beginning?

Gregor leaves his elected position as MLA half way through his term to run for mayor, he is backed by big bucks and social engineers and terrific organizers and wins by a landslide...only to set up the NEXT BIG STEP?

I see it now.

First order of business in the new Vision-run Provincial Legislature.

Standing Order B21 - A change of name of the Province from British Columbia (So yesterday!) to...wait for it...


A hot tub in every yard.


Judge Thomas Broadwood, after listening patiently for months, often to totoal drivel and fabrications, released last week his recommendations on the use of tasers by police.

He has basically said that you cannot use these instuments "casually," that the situation must be dire and serious and involve immediate danger and threat and some action involving a fedral crime.

No bursts longer than an initial hit of five seconds.

He has also called for greater training and for agreed rules of behaviour across the spectrum of various police forces in the province.

Kash Heed, B.C.'s Solicitor-General (who I mistakenly called our A-G last week; my apologies), has told the RMP and other police forces to put Judge Braidwood's recommendations onto the street at once.

None of this will return the life of Robert DziekaƄski, but it is good news.