Sunday, July 15, 2007

Conrad, One More Time

By now, you may feel that you've read everthing necessary and everything you can stand about the melodrama called Conrad Black.

But read one more here. It's a good one.

Iraq - Drowning in Good Intentions

A small but telling recent piece in The New Yorker revealed the depth of the American Mistake in Iraq.

We learn that there are over 1,000 America civilians employed at a compound in central Baghdad. Over 500 of those people had never before this assignment had a passport! Just like their President, these bumpkins had never before shown enough interest in the world to visit China, Japan, South Africa, Rio, Dublin, Paris or Perth. But now they have been assigned jobs in Iraq. think about that.

Then, we learn that there is a cafeteria in the compound. The room operates night and day. Fully 99 % of the employees, servers, cooks, cleaners et al are Muslim. Nevertheless, the American run cafeteria in all its cultural sensitivity serves pork.

And you wonder why the campaign is a total mess.

Hank Jones - Jazz Piano

Turn up the volume to appreciate the subtlety and beauty of this classic American standard by a great musician.