Saturday, January 29, 2011


A man (or something disguised and posing in public as a man) shakes an 11-week old baby causing permanent brain damage.

The child - did we mention? - now has permanent and irreversible brain damage.

The man (or some creature asking us to believe he is a man) acknowledges his deed.

The facts are not disputed.

But Judge Adrian Brooks has found this trash not quilty in the charge of aggravated assault.

"I am not persuaded beyond a reasonable doubt that the force used was excessive,” Brooks said.

Excuse me?

What exactly would have had to have happened to register with the good Justice as "excessive?" Flying body parts?

And speaking of aggravated assault, can we sue the good Judge for aggravated assault against common sense, the basic understanding of justice and Canadian jurisprudence?

Next week, my guest on DAVID BERNER on SHAW TV will be retired Justice Wallace Gilby Craig, who will share with us his inventory on how we are doing on addictions, violence, home and auto invasions, gangs, courts, prosecutors and judges.

I will ask him to explain to us all how such a travesty as this can occur in our courts and how it gets less space in the newspaper than a story about a police dog.


Often, whilst railing against the persistent stupidities of governments and their agents, we get the feeling that we are a lone voice or two howling from the cliffs into a relentless wind.

How cheering it is then to see that on occasion - as in several Arab countries at the moment - the masses rise from their slumber and "second that emotion."

In this specific case, a petition now demands the removal of His Royal Walliness from the Missing Women Commission of Inquiry.

Like many of you, we were appalled, nay struck dumb in disbelief, when this never-do-anything, always smile, smooth the duvet political Polonius was appointed to this dire and important task. We knew at once that no result would follow.

Now, native leaders, family members and other concerned citizens have said, "Basta, baby!"

"The petition urges the government to replace Mr. Oppal because he has previously defended the police investigation, argued against establishment of an inquiry and was attorney-general when Crown prosecutors decided not to proceed with 20 outstanding murder charges against Mr. Pickton."

This decorous appointment was one of the last and most cynical acts of Premier Gordon Campbell.