Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Commentator Post


I am offended to the core by the shameful behaviour by some members of the Sikh community.

This group of people has been welcomed into our country and communities in a way that no other country on earth has done. We have changed our pre-existing culture to ensure that the one they brought with them from their home country is accommodated.

The response of this group of people is to shout at us that we are all racists because our authorities applied Canadian law to a Sikh who had managed to smuggle himself into Canada under false pretenses.

They have called the Vancouver Sun, the Province (newspaper), CKNW, British Columbians and Canadians in general racists. It’s despicable.

The CBSA may well suffer from bureaucratic incompetence for not handling this differently, but I feel they are due some defense: They were deporting a man in a lawful and dignified manner.

If they had taken him into custody or had planned some undercover deportation can you imagine the outrageous would have leveled against them?Shame on them, and shame on us for allowing it.Maybe you have this week’s column.


The headline in this morning's 24 Hours is:


For what?

Mob rule? Intimidation?

The protest at YVR wasn't about civil disobedience or reasonable protest. It was about preventing officers of the law from performing their sworn duties.

And this commentary is not about race, religion, color, customs or differences.

It is about respecting the laws of a sovereign state - Canada.

If those Canadian Border Service agents had proceeded out of the building and approached the taxi in which Mr. Singh was waiting, absolute chaos would have followed.

Perhaps that is to be expected in other cultures and communities, but it is not welcome in Canada. Just as people who sneak into the country using false documentation are not welcome.

That mob scene was a disgrace.


Laibar Singh entered Canada illegally. He used false documents.

Canada is trying to send him back to India. Canada has the right and the obligation to do just that. End of story.

Canada has a very unattractive record when it comes to deporting people who break Canadian laws. Mr. Singh should go.

But Mr. Singh suffered a stroke since his illegal arrival in Canada and he is now a quadriplegic.

He is also a Sikh.

Yesterday, 2000 protesters prevented the Canadian Border Services agents from taking Mr. Singh from his taxi at YVR onto a waiting aircraft.

This isn't civil protest. It is cultural blackmail.

We won't vote for your government. We won't buy tickets on your airline. And we will riot in the streets and disrupt your daily affairs.

That would all be understandable if there were some important principle at stake here.

But the only "principle" is that Mr. Singh is one of us and therefore you are discriminating against us.

How false.

Mr. Singh is a criminal. he broke the law on day one.

The Sikh community should think more of itself and be proud to be law-respecting Canadians. They should deliver Mr. Singh to the plane themselves.

The Crime Blotter

One needs a separate blog just to cover the criminal cases.

1. Michael Levy is a quadriplegic. He became a quadriplegic because 3 horrible out-of-control pig-people attacked him at a party. They were given slight sentences, even though they were tried as adults.

Shame on the judge once again.

2. Conrad Black has been sentenced to 6 1/2 years. He will appeal. Whatever the outcome, one can only marvel at this story. The most arrogant, successful, wealthy fellow imaginable stumbling to this place in life. No doubt the books and screen play are being written as we speak. Oh, I forgot, the writers are on strike.

3. Bagri, charged and acquitted in the Air India murders, made a speech calling for the murders of 50,000 Hindus. For this act of inciting hatred at the very worst and most obvious level he was and will never be charged. I suppose we just wait about like good friendly Canadians for the next bomb.

4. Larry O'Brien is the mayor of Ottawa. He has been charged with 2 criminal counts. He and his city council are so clueless, they are not sure what to do now. After all, innocent until proven guilty, right? Wrong. He is a public servant, the mayor of Canada's capital city. He must step aside until this dark cloud is lifted or resolved. Who, besides the mayor and his council, didn't know that?

5. A Newfoundland doctor, found guilty of drug and sex charges involving his patients, has lowered the bar even on scum like himself. Not only was he blackmailing his patients into providing sexual favors in exchange for perscriptions and sharing in the scripts himself, but hitting a new low for creep behavior, he would - hold onto your seat, now - pick patients up after their Narcotics Anonymous meetings so he could give them more narcotics.

6. Four pm at 41st and Knight and a guy is trading gunfire with the police. Welcome to Kansas.