Friday, April 13, 2007

Taj Mahal Diving Duck Blues

Here's a great contribution from a regular bloggster commentator. Hear it!

More on The Wolf Man

Here is the latest update from the New York Times on the woes - all self-inflicted - of one of the prime architects of the Iraq War.

Couldn't happen to a sweller fella.

Since You Asked

Pedro has asked my thoughts about Don Imus.

First thought - it's a non-subject.

Second - he's dork with way more success in life than he has deserved.

Third - some people make a career out of belligerently proving over and over again that they are not "politically correct." That's a cute gimmick as far as it goes, BUT...

Fourth - Don's comments were detestable and unfunny.

Do I think Imus will get more rich and more famous around this incident?

No. I think he will slink back onto his ranch and play dude cowboy for the rest of his life. Millions of Americans will feel sorry for him and slap him on the back when they run into his big sombrero at the local mall.

But most of us will forget him by next Wednesday.

That's show biz...

Pissing, again...

Yesterday's post about Pissing $80,000 down the hole for a hookers and johns website drew some terrific commentary.

In addition to the comments posted, check out our friend Robert's blog and his thoughts here.

Then, there is this marvelous letter from our friend, Victor, sent to Pete McMartin at The Sun, following below:

"Hi Pete:

Your column today strikes a reasonable chord. You don't want crack whores in your neighbourhood. Nor do you want to organize welcoming bake sales for the fat bald Johns ( sex addicts) who buy their favours.

So I'm puzzled at how you can suggest that Dunbar residents who don't want deranged meth addicts in their neighbourhood are guilty of nimbyism.

As a personal aside, the whole Nimby debate makes me smile. Back in the 80s I was chief PR flack for Canada's nuclear industry. Part of my job was to drag earnest scientists around Canada, trying to persuade communities to accept nuclear waste. Understandably, we were roundly rejected. The scientists would always trot out the NIMBY word. They would tell community groups that since nuclear energy was driving Canada's powerhouse, Ontario, all Canadians benefited from nuclear power, so all Canadians should accept part of the risk.

The community folks rightly told us to get stuffed. They were worried about their kids turning green and no amount of babbling blackmail would change their minds. Now the NIMBY word, once the trump card of nuclear advocates, has been adopted by woolly-headed enablers.

But then again, that crack whore might be from your neighbourhood originally and the fat bald John may be the guy down the street. Maybe the welcoming bake sale is the right thing to do. Inclusive, compassionate, non-judgmental. "

Kurt Again...

It was really wonderful to see how many comments were posted yesterday marking, with sadness and admiration, the passing of a true American Original, Kurt Vonnegut.

I know that in my early 20's I read every novel he wrote. In my 30's, I played the lead role in "Happy Birthday, Wanda June," a typically bizarre by KV. My son played my son. One of the actors was drunk a lot, and on some nights, the actors outnumbered the audience.

I have a friend in Venice, Italy who owns an oriental art gallery. Her husband is an artist. A few years ago, when in New York, for an exhibition of his very modern, very abstract paintings, my friend simply called up Vonnegut out of the blue. Vonnegut soon endorsed my friend's work and put his name to a rave review in the display book.

I know he had a difficult life, but wouldn't you just have loved to have a coffee with this guy? I bet you he would have been funny and charming.